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This card's real advantage over unsummon:
I don't see the word "target" anywhere on it.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/17/2012 8:20:29 PM)


This card is vintage material. They pull off an insane combo like tinker into Inkwell Leviathan? Or trollshroud Slippery Bogle and unleash loads of enchantments? Undo that for Blue. This and Diabolic Edict should handle most of the mana accelerated creature drops when Balance can't always be around.
Posted By: non1337 (11/15/2010 3:11:44 AM)


Criminally underrated card.

One mana to get rid of a cheated out Inkwell Leviathan or Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn?

In Urza Block, even the cards that look like they're fair are still pretty sick.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (3/1/2012 11:10:44 PM)


"Good in situations where you want to reuse creatures with come into play effects. Otherwise, you're better off running Unsummon."

Except when this hoses Doomsday, then it's a very fun card.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (8/20/2010 5:34:24 PM)


Great 1 mana response against any Reanimator, Progenitus, or single creature combo deck. Putting the card back into the players hand vs putting it into his graveyard, which forces a whole new cycle of discard then animate.

Spell does not target at all... allowing to go through any protections and not being vulnerable to deflection tricks from great cards like swerve.

Also, a great respone for protecting a vital creature from opponent's removal spell. Not to mention, potentially sending one of their creatures back during the save... 5/5

Combo up with stingscourger, Man-o'-War , and aether membrane for maximum game delay.
Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (12/14/2010 2:38:43 PM)


So basically I spend Blue to protect any one of my cards, and as a consequence, my opponent has to put a creature back in their hand forcing them to waste mana to get them back out...no matter what protection that creature has. If someone merely told me what this did I'd assume it would be at least 1Blue. As for reusing come into play abilities, this card becomes a godsend in 2HG with that.
Posted By: mattblack04 (9/14/2011 9:42:48 PM)


I really like this card, in some ways it's more useful than cut and dry cards like unsummon.
Posted By: Biggles (10/5/2011 9:09:38 AM)


Good in situations where you want to reuse creatures with come into play effects. Otherwise, you're better off running Unsummon.
Posted By: Gear61 (4/28/2010 7:02:15 PM)


FIVE for the flavor text.
Posted By: dberry02 (5/13/2012 3:19:15 PM)


I like to imagine Inkwell Leviathan's grumpy dad grabbing him by his face and dragging him out of the game.
"But daaaaaad, I need to win my player the game!"
"That's enough out of you, young metal kraken! Go to your room!"
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (10/1/2012 12:51:34 PM)


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