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this has incredible art even if i don't know quite what's going on.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/24/2010 10:37:21 PM)


It's a simple, elegant card that lets blue bounce creatures and artifacts while not pushing the power level of the set significantly. Great card to have around.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/23/2010 6:03:19 PM)


Into the Roil is better? Yeah. And so is Boomerang because you can use it to bounce lands. So is Capsize because you can use it over and over. There are several factors at play. Limited environment as mentioned, trying to balance Boomerang (I see this being in the core set down the road since it doesn't have Kicker), and some people play bounce decks with Man-o'-War, Tradewind Rider, Boomerang, Unsummon, and now they have another option. No different really than the bazillion cards they've made trying to "balance" Lightning Bolt before they finally gave up and brought Lightning Bolt back. Not great. Not horrible by any means. And I think it has its place.
Posted By: Lord_Gravesmythe (9/25/2010 11:28:04 PM)


Cheap way of warping your Putrefax, etc back to your own hand so you don’t have to sac it at end of turn.
Posted By: Kodanshi (10/20/2010 6:05:24 AM)


Blue - Unsummon
1Blue - Disperse
2Blue - Regress

(yes I know Into the Roil is strictly better than Disperse, but this card is better for comparison.)

For one mana you get to bounce a creature, for two you get to bounce a nonland permanent, and for three you get to bounce any permanent. Cool :)

Mechanically, this card appeals to me alot. Paying one extra mana to be able to bounce a planeswalker, artifact or enchantment? Yes please. The art doesn't really appeal to me though, maybe cos it looks more like a destruction spell than a bounce spell? Could be destroying a token though :P
Posted By: Stray_Dog (12/14/2010 8:23:09 PM)


had a close game awhile back, me with u/b infect and my opponent with tempered steel. After his attack step, we each only needed one attack to win, and he plays vault skirge as a blocker against my lone phyrexian crusader. The Go for the Throat and Doom Blade wouldn't help, and I needed to get through this turn or lose. I top-decked this :) my opponent spent the rest of the night ranting about how he lost to such a horrible card
Posted By: Paradigm012 (4/22/2012 10:07:36 AM)


Echoing Truth
Posted By: AXER (10/11/2010 2:37:26 PM)


I want boomerang back... ;_;
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (10/19/2010 11:55:20 AM)


Don't laugh, this helps to kill the Bloody Lich (You know who, in M11) even when he invest his life in the Darksteel Axe.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (9/27/2010 2:28:46 AM)


Good anti-planeswalker card.
Posted By: Cheza (10/3/2010 11:17:19 AM)