Behold the Power of Destruction
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This will single-handedly turns players that could kill you one-on-one into dead players. Absolutely brutal.
Posted By: SocialExperiment (6/26/2010 8:57:46 PM)


Does anyone else see the Imperial logo from Star Wars where the laser is coming out? The death star similarities continue....
Posted By: doombladez (2/25/2012 2:08:01 PM)


This is what you get for playing with nonland perms..
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/20/2012 10:21:46 PM)


I need to get me a Doom Citadel.
Posted By: JWolps (6/26/2010 10:58:59 AM)


IMM'A FIRING MAH yeah ok sorry
Posted By: muggtonp (11/3/2011 5:02:15 AM)


I'd call it a good scheme, it ruins the opponents setup and leaves you a clear path for your creatures to damage him/her.
Posted By: Smithney (6/25/2010 12:53:42 AM)


necromancer arch enemy- I will crush the world of mortals beneath the rotting flesh of the undead! Just as soon as I spend roughly a decade sifting through graveyards dodging the town guard hauling all these foul smelling corpses back to my lair... but it will be so worth it!

dragon lord arch enemy- Thinking is hard. Here, fight this dragon! Haha, Haha haha!

enraged gardener arch enemy- Get off my lawn! Giant man-eating plants! Spontaneous eruptions of land! I'm not entirely sure why I took up arching in the first place!

Artificer arch enemy- Tsk tsk. You call those schemes? let me tell you about a scheme. I'm going to put a GIANT LASER. On an IMPENETRABLE FORTRESS. That FLIES. Also I invented flying buildings. And the laser. I'm going to blow those so-called defenders of righteousness back to the stone age.

enraged gardener arch enemy- Well I invented an economically safe pesticide! It is even produced locally! With domestic products!

Artificer ... (see all)
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (11/12/2010 8:58:32 PM)


I am in love with the flavor text. Doom Citadel!
Posted By: BantCaptain (7/17/2010 6:30:57 AM)


Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational Doom Citadel!
Posted By: mutantman (7/28/2010 4:52:31 PM)


My favorite scheme in the deck. A one sided planar cleansing. So harsh in late game 5/5
Posted By: bluelaser (6/27/2010 9:56:22 PM)