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Pretty great how you don't shuffle your graveyard or library, and you get your hand back, and you can activate when you have more mana, and how your opponent is basically milled 7 unless you didn't tap out for instants or drew Force of Will.
Posted By: zk3 (8/16/2010 5:45:45 PM)


Sundial of the Infinite

"Hmm, which hand to keep..."
Posted By: Gaffy00 (8/11/2011 6:15:38 PM)


Forget the broken ability, I'm giving this card a 5/5 for the art alone. I'd definitely say this is among the best art this game has produced.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (6/4/2012 11:08:22 PM)


@Ferlord:Technically yes, but it doesn't matter because your hand is empty while the effect is still resolving, and state-based actions (like "dying due to 0 toughness") aren't checked until a spell's entire effect has finished resolving. In short, your Crawler survives.

@Max_Glycine: You're right. "At the beginning of the next end step" effects don't trigger until, well, the beginning of the next end step. This is true even if you activate the ability during an end step. Igniteice is wrong about the discarding anyways, since you only discard during your own cleanup step, and even then only if your hand is over your max hand size.

@JinnTolser: Because this isn't really reprinted in the strictest sense of the word. Yes, it's been printed again, but it's still banned in pretty much every format ever, which sorta defeats the purpose of making it easier to obtain. The only players this will affect are the casual ones, and their playgroups will probably hate them for it.

Anyways, ... (see all)
Posted By: WhereDidItGo (1/10/2012 7:17:17 AM)


This is the answer to so many trivia questions.

Q: What is a mythic rare on the reserved list?
A: Memory Jar.

Q: Which card from Urza's Block was so broken it was banned, but never got any tournament play?
A: Memory Jar (because it was banned before released)
Posted By: Ancestral_Forget (12/28/2012 3:02:08 PM)


@ Ancestral_Forget: There are a few mythics on reserve. Karn, Silver Golem; Phyrexian Negator; Masticore; Mox Diamond.

Arguably most of the reserved list would have been printed as mythic, excluding stuff like Homarid Shaman
Posted By: ultratog1028 (2/17/2013 2:35:39 PM)


How did they not realize this was broken? Did they just not test these cards at all back then?

Presumably someone simply didn't notice that most opponents would have no chance to use the cards it gave them (making it a one-sided seven-card draw), but seriously, how do you overlook that?
Posted By: Aquillion (4/24/2013 6:56:30 AM)


When I hear a card is broken, sometimes I really have to take a look and think before I can understand why it's broken.

For this card, I have to wonder how they could have not realized it was broken.

Oh well. If back then they could let something like Time Walk slip, I guess this isn't as egregious.
Posted By: Gelzo (1/28/2011 1:14:19 AM)




It's like Christmas came early! Yay!
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (8/14/2010 6:17:01 PM)


There's a reason you don't see "Draw seven cards" on too many cards these days.
Posted By: OMFGrhombus (8/15/2010 11:12:29 PM)