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I just finished a really obnoxious EDH game with someone who was just running Time Walk effects and a bunch of draw and tutoring. They had infinite mana and drew their entire library, cast Time Reversal then did it again. The turn took about an hour to finish. When they were done they dropped some fatties on the board and passed the turn to me with 24 cards in their hand hand.

I cast this and won. MIRRODIN PURE!
Posted By: UsagiYojimbo (11/20/2011 9:48:16 PM)


Maybe a Cerebral Vortex is in order after this but before Runeflare Trap.
Posted By: jonnyrue2u (9/26/2010 3:34:57 AM)


Winds of Change into Winds of Change into copy of Winds of Change created by Reverberate into this. Then realize you forgot to play your 0cc artifacts, and if you had played them, then you wouldn't have had enough cards in hand to benefit from spamming Winds of Change.


Diminishing Returns combo, maybe?
Posted By: Salient (2/2/2012 5:13:02 PM)


As mentioned, a decent way to proc Runeflare Trap triggers now that Howling Mine and Burning Inquiry are out of standard. This thing can also be clutch in limited. I pulled one for a sealed event and it won me a few games.
Posted By: BigK42 (9/26/2010 8:01:58 AM)


This is an awesome card. Don't know if it is good enough for standard but a single card invoking a whole deck idea on it's own is a wonderful thing.
Posted By: Swiftgamer18 (9/23/2010 8:11:53 PM)


ah... forced fruition?

cant believe i had to be the first to forward that notion- great to be built for a red/blue deck, if your into that sort of thing ;)
Posted By: Tsuichoi (10/5/2010 8:46:56 PM)


Runeflare Trap says hi.
Posted By: dudecow (9/23/2010 6:17:09 PM)


@ balvarado: No, only your opponents take damage
Posted By: quach_attack (10/19/2010 9:36:49 PM)


This reminded me of an old deck I made, so I made a new one for standard around it:
3x Koth of the Hammer
4x Molten Psyche
4x Runeflare Trap
4x Reverberate
4x Galvanic Blast
4x Steel Overseer
4x Ornithopter
4x Memnite
4x Temple Bell
4x Voltaic Key
3x Mox Opal

2x Tectonic Edge
16x Mountain

Using the temple bells and voltaic keys keeps everyone's hands full. With almost 3 play sets of 0 to cast artifacts, you usually get metalcraft early for the galvanic blasts and molten psyche. The steel overseers with the memnites and ornithopters provide fairly potent aggro, especially with a voltaic key or two. Galvanic blast alone can often finish a game, i... (see all)
Posted By: Ritius (11/6/2010 10:10:56 PM)


lets see: Leyine of Anticipation + Pyromancer Ascension + Runeflare Trap + Reverberate/ Twin Cast for fun haha
Posted By: Alicanto (9/26/2010 10:15:57 PM)