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A simulacrum is something that resembles something else, usually a god or the like. In this case, it is pretty much making the creature a simulacrum of the caster, so the creature takes the place of the caster, and thus the damage.
Posted By: Elysiume (11/15/2009 4:33:08 PM)


@ QuietWarketer.

The way the oracle text is now you can combo with sanguine bond to make your opponent lose life (downside is you have to survive the damage before you gain the life back).

But you can't play it without a creature under your control because it needs a legal target to resolve (like all targeted spells).
Posted By: r-e-meatyard (1/17/2010 7:51:56 PM)


combine this card with this Swans of Bryn Argoll
Posted By: Blackdemonight (8/30/2010 12:05:24 AM)


use with Stuffy Doll. Now your opponent just killed himself.
Posted By: Lyciana (5/2/2011 7:52:57 AM)


Interesting synergy with solemn simulacrum.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/26/2010 5:58:16 PM)


haha! you banefire missed!
Posted By: Hibron (5/6/2010 8:38:41 AM)


I'm running 3 of these old-school gems in a deck with Saber Ants and Broodhatch Nantuko. Great fun.
Posted By: ChumleyX (1/7/2011 12:24:13 AM)


Isochron Scepter, with Cho manno, revolutionary?
could be funny.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/17/2011 4:56:39 PM)


Hopgoblin, I don't think you understand how oracle works. Oracle lists the most up to date wording for a card - what it says on the Gatherer page are the actual rules for the card, not the stuff printed on the card. The current rules make no provision for damage to be "retroactively" moved to a creature from you, so it's now worded in a way that works within the rules (gaining life).
Posted By: Henrietta (7/31/2011 10:23:58 AM)


Batwing Brume doesn't require you to be able to survive the damage before helping you and doesn't require a creature to be able to be cast.
Posted By: markarmor (6/30/2011 2:00:15 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!