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Awesome free-play counter. It's not Force of will, but still powerful. Most often, it's unexpected when I play it...as people get so used to waiting for blue to tap out.

Collectors: Have you seen how much the foil goes for? It's unbelievable.
Posted By: Amrankwit38 (11/30/2008 10:50:52 PM)


This card needs a reprint. One of my all-time blue favorites.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/16/2009 12:05:25 PM)


@Kryptnyt. First off Deprive is a hard counter. The opponent doesn't have the option of paying the 1 mana to refute your counterspell. Secondly, besides Counterspell, there are few 2 drop hard counterspells, especially now as the game has been progressing in time. The closest one to that is Stoic Rebuttal, and at that, you need to be playing an artifact based deck. Deprive isn't trash, especially in EDH. Your comparison is of "garbage" would be fair if you were comparing Counterspell with Mana Drain... or then again, Mana Drain with any other card that has the same modality.
Posted By: raptorman333 (4/15/2013 8:03:10 AM)


It's power level is obviously high but I really don't think it's a very well designed card. Like your opponent has to keep it in mind ALL the time, I don't think that the free casting cost mechanic should be on counters. A ton of cards are amazing because of this, snapback daze, gush etc.

I would be VERY happy to not see this get reprinted, it would ruin aggro decks chances and blue already has answers to them via spell snare threads of disloyalty vedalken shackles and even sower of temptation.
Posted By: bigrig69 (8/12/2009 1:17:05 PM)


I wouldn't say that aggro decks lack thinking to play correctly, but I also wouldn't say that Daze shuts down all aggro decks in a format. Its actually at its best in blue aggro decks (like "fish") if you ask me! They don't mind the loss in land tempo because the spells they play all cost 1 to 3 mana anyway.
Anyways, its yet another counter that makes Deprive look like garbage.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/21/2011 1:12:13 AM)


Daze and Force and Misstep! Oh My!!!
Posted By: The_USAgent (6/23/2011 6:31:25 AM)


A picture is worth a thousand words.
Posted By: Mike-C (3/3/2013 7:54:04 PM)


Easily the greatest card of all time that features a man fascinated by flying sperm.
Posted By: CapmCrunch (12/21/2013 8:20:41 PM)


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