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I prefer Shadow Rift most of the time.
Posted By: pumaman83 (6/7/2010 8:23:05 PM)


Overall I defintely like it, but the introduction of Distortion Strike (complete with Rebound) dampers this card a bit.
Posted By: HedgeIII (6/10/2010 9:05:33 AM)


Although I agree Distortion Strike is generally the superior card in most situations. Infiltrate can be used on your opponents turn, which has some advantages. For example, Infiltrate could be used to target an opponents attacking Prized Unicorn, allowing your creatures to block other creatures as normal.
Posted By: tcollins (12/21/2010 11:14:09 AM)


@ Achilleselbow

Not true, this goes off at instant speed to make other player's creatures unblockable.
Posted By: desolation_masticore (12/29/2010 6:52:11 AM)


This one is instant speed, which, while not critically important on a creature that isn't engaging in creature-to-creature combat, is still useful.
Distortion strike is generally better, but this one is more versatile.
I suppose you could use this to foil your opponent's Lure. For one turn, at least.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/20/2012 1:28:46 PM)


I'd rather have Veil of Secrecy. Even ignoring the splice ability, one extra mana is a small price to pay for doubling as a counter for any spell or ability that targets a single creature.
Posted By: MisterAction (3/22/2013 2:58:14 PM)


Because Jump has both offensive and defensive applications. Narrow though they may be. Anyway, they should just man up and reprint Leap :P
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (5/13/2010 11:33:33 AM)


I'm shocked this card doesn't have 3+ stars. Easily a tide-turning if not game-winning spell.
Posted By: themlsna (7/8/2010 4:30:17 AM)


Why don't they reprint this in a core set instead of Jump?
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (2/14/2010 7:53:50 AM)


Made obsolete by Distortion Strike.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/12/2010 5:21:33 AM)


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