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Also Maze untaps the creature. Sometimes you want that 'Goyf to stay tapped when you swing next turn.
Posted By: Ganadote (10/9/2010 7:48:01 AM)


For some reason, I feel like Kher Keep and Academy Ruins should be on that list, and Teferi's Isle shouldn't be on it... though one could argue that ruins is a "timeshifted" volrath's stronghold and kher keep is a new Kor Haven.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/10/2012 1:45:56 AM)


Amazing card. Reusable, one sided combat trick that allows you to either let a fatty through or gang-block it without fear of your creatures dying.
Posted By: Fabercastel (4/17/2010 11:58:39 AM)


Given that you have two other mana sources, this is a good response to aggro in white control decks.
It can prevent a lot of trouble against a big single threat if you don't have the accordant removal spell yet, e.g. against Goblin Piledriver, Tarmogoyf or Psychatog.
Being a land and therefore colorless, you won't even have to bother with creatures with protection from white.
Regrettably it only produces colorless mana, but this shouldn't be the biggest problem.
Posted By: Mode (10/15/2009 1:12:12 PM)


i use this in my zubera 5colored deck and it never betrays me. I have one in my blue/white one and i love it! Just, it's a pity it's "legendary"...so i cannot stop 4 creatures per turn! eheheh
Posted By: nekosan (10/19/2009 2:43:39 AM)


Once helped me to gain a lot of time, during a multiplayer game turned in a 3-VS-me... (however I lost...)
I don't like such passive strategy, but with this you can block and still deal combat damage to the attacking creature!

Trivia: this legendary land is a part of a mega-mega-cycle of legendary lands, each of them appearing in a different block:
Mirage: Teferi's Isle
Tempest: Volrath's Stronghold
Urza's Saga: Yavimaya Hollow
Mercadian Masques: Kor Haven
Invasion: Keldon Necropolis
Posted By: leomistico (10/28/2011 6:01:16 AM)


This seems to be a very useful land, especially in Mono White.
Posted By: MrJosherz (2/20/2009 7:05:14 AM)


Mono white control.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/10/2009 12:11:56 AM)


Strictly worse than Maze.

Ah, I stand corrected. I just the idea of being able to pull your own creatures back from the fray.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (4/4/2010 6:32:51 PM)


Strictly as good as Maze, but without the Vorthos-tastic Amazingness. (Check out the Judge Promo- it has strictly better art :)

Haven is Good, but not Cool. 4.7 stars out of 5. Maze gets 5. That's just the way it is.
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/1/2011 8:32:41 AM)