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Would you like a Lightning Bolt with your Brainstorm?
Posted By: GlassJoetheChamp (3/24/2012 11:49:16 PM)


Molten Psyche, Winds Of Change, Molten Psyche, Jace's Archivist, etc. all work for sure, this won't die. State-based effects like a creature having zero toughness are not checked during the resolution of a spell. The only time state-based effects matter during the resolution of a spell is if there's a triggered ability somewhere like "when you have no cards in your hand..." like the card Veiled Crocodile.
Posted By: peaceoutside (8/31/2011 11:07:21 AM)


Semblance Anvil, mox opal, and the mana myr to get this out turn three, followed by a turn four sphinx with enough mana left for a turn aside. Okay that will never happen, but getting this guy out turn four is amazingly powerful in the right deck.

This+consecrated sphinx+time reversal=FTW!!!

Because the crawler's toughness isn't checked during the resolution of the spell he survives. The same principle is is applied to molten Psyche.

EDIT: @theswarm
I started my Crawler deck like that, but eventually subbed white for red due to slagstorm and molten Psyche.
Posted By: thisisnotmyname (3/9/2011 11:52:33 AM)


This hilarious creature would work wonders in a Niv-Mizzet EDH. Makes me love winds of change and whirlpool warrior even more.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (1/27/2011 3:39:47 PM)


I use him in my Notion Thief deck, which is based around stuff like Temple Bell, Font of Mythos, etc...

It's always fun to drop this guy before you cast Diminishing Returns.
Posted By: NARFNra (7/21/2013 4:12:19 AM)


Summon Psychosis Crawler then cast Enter the Infinite with Show and Tell = I win.

Total cost 7 mana. How you get that mana and those three cards in one hand is up to you.
Posted By: MadManChubChub (8/22/2013 4:13:50 PM)


Never ever dies to Nin the Pain Artist
Posted By: MCcreator (12/13/2013 11:15:55 AM)


Niv-Mizzets brain must be in that bubble.

im so glad to see this card now i can make another red, blue draw burn deck. but this time my main creature isn't legendary
Posted By: DoomCanoe (1/27/2011 6:14:44 PM)


This guy was surprisingly effective for me in the pre-release. Don;t under-estimate his ability to injure upon card draw; there are a lot of effects in Mirrodin that draw. Have fun!

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/29/2011 7:33:34 PM)


I have an amazing combo that I actually pulled off with this guy: Psychosis Crawler, Consecrated Sphinx, Jace's Eraser, Cryptoplasm, Psychic Possession Hive Mind, and Time Reversal.

So this is what happened:
Cryptoplam is Psychosis Crawler. I cast Time Reversal. My oppenent and I throw away our hands and draw seven cards. Because he draws 7, I draw 21, making my total card draw 28. Two Psychosis crawlers means 28x2 for 56 damage. THEN Hive Mind kicks in and we do it all over again for a sum total of 112 damage, then he takes the top 28 cards off his library and throws it into his graveyard.

I just wish it had been in a team game...
Posted By: Starshayd (7/13/2011 11:23:07 AM)