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One of my favorite decks makes use of flickerwisp and glimmerpoint stag to reuse enter the battlefield effects. Unfortunately, there are not that many exciting white 2 drops with enter the battlefield effects. Sure you could destroy an enchantment, but I already have artifact and enchantment destruction covered.
This fills the gap perfectly, I can play it on turn two and curve right into a flickerwisp to hit them for one extra. This set also has Inquisitor Exarch at 2 mana, which fills similar needs.
Posted By: kiseki (5/11/2011 5:16:14 PM)


An amazing card, and hilarious when used with Genesis Chamber. You play creatures, the chamber gives you that many myr tokens and so you double up on life gained from the Priest. Your opponent plays a creature? Well, he gets a free myr too, and the priest punishes him for his insolence. It's a death of a thousand cuts, and you'll both have too many chump blockers from the Chamber for the other player to swing things with combat.

...this is, of course, assuming that they are playing creatures to begin with.
Posted By: Cubozoan (5/22/2011 6:39:09 AM)


She fits in just like home in my Blue/White Venser control deck. So nicely.
Posted By: kor6sic6 (5/21/2011 5:06:27 PM)


This guy is funny with the new Mindcrank out. They play a creature and flip one :)
Posted By: dberry02 (6/21/2011 12:37:22 AM)


Beast in limited. Grabbed 2 of them and a couple of Vault Skirges in a sealed and rocked the house. A big threat in any orzhov deck and noone wants to waste removal on her. Amazing at common too.
Posted By: Dumedag (6/6/2011 9:03:12 AM)


Played a casual game of Two-Headed Giant a few weeks ago. Me and my teammate on the ropes, one of my opponents decides to get fancy and play his Army of the Damned.
He neglected to notice the two Suture Priests quietly sitting on my side of the battlefield.
Posted By: the_sixth_degree (12/26/2011 7:58:56 PM)


Notice how there's no racial type, only a class.
Phyrexia's really stolen the identity of the plane, hasn't it?
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/9/2012 7:31:51 AM)


I know it has the subtype cleric... but cleric isn't a species... Even shapeshifter and changeling are species... Just What is this mystery creature?
Posted By: B.Jaguar (7/5/2012 10:42:09 AM)


"You're a white deck -- how are you making me lose life when I play creatures?"

"Clerical error."
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2011 8:23:22 PM)


Love this card, and it just ruins the Splinter Twin/Deceiver Exarch combo that seems to be running around everywhere. My only complaint is that it's not black.
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (5/25/2011 10:47:15 PM)