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I just realized each of the Praetors seems to have a "signature spell", a la the M11 planeswalkers.

Elesh Norn - Norn's Annex
Jin-Gitaxias - Gitaxian Probe
Sheoldred - Reaper of Sheoldred
Urabrask - Priest of Urabrask
Vorinclex - this is the iffy one. Unlike the other four, nothing else in the block has his name in it ... but guess which green sorcery showed up in Mirrodin Beseiged that actually shows Vorinclex in its art?

That's right. Praetors' Counsel. Which just happens to be much more affordable with the big guy's ramping ability.

Edit: On the other hand, Praetors' Counsel might make more sense as part of an art-cycle with Marrow Shards, Psychic Surgery, Praetor's Grasp, and Act of Aggression, in which case Vorinclex doesn't have a "named" spell.
Posted By: nemokara (5/25/2011 10:15:44 AM)


"7/6 trample. Blah blah blah... blah blah blah you win." This guy is a mana ramper... for 8CMC. It may make sense flavor-wise, but I'm not sure what strategy uses Vorinclex as anything other than the destination, the finisher, it's over! "And for my next trick, Worldspine Wurm!" His other ability seems more devastating, locking your opponents' lands down so they can't very well answer him.
Posted By: wideyes (6/20/2013 12:39:51 PM)


I just love how stupid the main reason for not liking him is: "He's too expensive."

He's also the Praetor for the color whose most prominent feature is ramping the f*** out of your deck's mana base. If you get him in your hand (or use him as a General) but can't cast him by turn 8, one of three things is true:
Your deck is absolutely hating you.
Your opponents are actively trying to shut down your mana production.
You didn't build the deck the right way.
Posted By: Diachronos (3/27/2012 8:14:50 AM)



Any valid point you may have had is negated by your Tolstoy-length "dies to removal" comment.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (4/22/2012 12:01:04 AM)


Hmm, he could be primeval titan number 5 for eldrazi decks. And you thought the titan was useful for hard casting Emrakul...
Posted By: Tommy9898 (4/28/2011 11:25:14 PM)


the art. its amazingness has blinded me with phyrexia's glory.
Posted By: rinoh20 (4/29/2011 9:03:35 PM)


My Ramp Beats Yours: The Card
Posted By: LightoRaito (11/14/2011 2:02:59 PM)


EDH general here I come.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/29/2011 6:32:24 PM)


This guy and Gintaxias are the game enders of the praetors. If you untap with them I cant see you losing very easily.
Posted By: TheSwarm (5/1/2011 5:52:37 PM)


Cards like this are what made removal spells a necessity in almost any deck. But that's a good thing. When you have a card that an opponent will need removal for, you know it's good!
Posted By: MechaKraken (5/25/2011 12:51:35 PM)