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I don't know if anyone noticed, but the Daily Deck List for Friday, October 28 is Mono-Black Infect. It made top 8 at StarCityGames. It had 4 of these mainboard.

This card is underrated. Sacrifice it after putting your opponent at 4-5 poison counters, and they'll only have a topdeck to answer your Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon.
Posted By: CaptainNinJoe (10/28/2011 5:57:27 AM)


I'm surprised this is rated so low. Sure, it might seem at cross purposes when the benefits of both the creature staying alive and saccing it to discard both increase the more poison counters the opponent has. However, keeping this alive when your opponent has something like 5 poison with the rationale, "I only have to get in 5 more times" shows a lot of inexperience with this game. Every card in your opponent's hand could possibly kill this anyway, or wipe your whole board, or otherwise put the game out of reach in any number of ways. A 5 for 1 is always a good trade, no matter how close your opponent is to death. In fact, this is such a threat that your opponent will most often be forced to kill it, even over your pumped up artifact infectoids, which are then free to win the game.

This is not a specter for people playing discard decks. This is not a threat used to put someone on a clock. It is a utility card, one available to Infect decks. A very strong utility card.

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Posted By: Justice1337 (10/11/2011 6:06:26 PM)


Undying Evil to dump their hand and keep on swingin, with +1/+1 to boot.
Posted By: roguepariah (3/10/2012 7:16:13 AM)


Don't think of it as an overcosted beater, think of it as an insanely undercosted discard spell. It's entirely possible to hit once with this guy on turn four and make your opponent drop his entire hand.
Posted By: chinkeeyong (5/5/2011 12:41:39 AM)


I take it all back. I reviewed this a couple times thinking it was trash, but when I gave it a chance and started actually using it, I understand the power of strong discard spell in infect. THIS CARD IS SICK.
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (8/12/2011 10:16:32 AM)


Not overcosted, it's evasive infect, in a well supported color, for only 3. It's practically a 2/1 flyer for 3 in black. That's pretty good. And the secondary ability is an, "In case of emergency, break glass" kind of ability.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (5/1/2011 3:47:31 PM)


I see little wrong with a 3-drop that demands an answer or blows up my opponent's hand.
Posted By: metalevolence (5/12/2011 9:11:19 AM)


Apparently this guy was called "Infecter Specter" in design... and I love it just for that.
Posted By: Worldwalker1 (5/17/2011 12:14:04 AM)


Now we have black 2, 3, 4 and 5 drop infects with flying, nice (dunno what to call inkmoth in this context).
Posted By: Sironos (5/3/2011 1:19:18 PM)


Man, and I thought Kulrath Knight was the most Nazgul-y card in Magic. It's a specter. With Infect.
This is going into every casual Lord of the Rings-themed deck I ever build. Nine-of autoinclude.
And they gave us Grond in the same set?!
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/7/2011 2:09:42 AM)


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