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I'm going to use Liquimetal Coating to equip Nicol Bolas, Elder Dragon with Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and laugh wildly as my friends stare incredulously and break out into confused grins.

EDIT: @Ledgo: The way I see it, it would work. You turn the planeswalker into an artifact (hence Liquimetal Coating) and equip to the Elder Dragon, then proceed to mash faces. This could also work with Gideon Jura (when he is in creature mode), as he could hold the planeswalker "sword". If I'm wrong, please feel free to explain why. Also @Amantto, that's exactly what I did at a draft (with a Blighted Agent).
Posted By: NecroticNobody (12/17/2011 4:31:37 PM)


This could've made the whole Innistrad block a whole lot shorter. No need for the fancy wars, faith based protections, or humans running scared. No. You pick up that goddamn Helvault, AND USE IT LIKE A MAN. GO. BEAT GRISELBRAND TO DEATH WITH IT. PROFIT. DONE.

Joke aside it allows for some truly hilarious games that involve just beating someone to death with priceless and legendary items. :)
Posted By: Voriki (8/4/2012 12:47:18 PM)


Can Puresteel Paladin's last ability overrule the "Equip = X" ability of Bludgeon Brawl? If so, Mycosynth Lattice would make things hilariously weird... What kind of psycho flavor is basically "Equip Battlefield: 0"?

The mighty knight rides into the fray, and everything in a mile radius just instantly gravitates to his hands! He's picking up buildings and villagers left and right to toss them at his foes, beating down the evil dragon with children and cows and even the nearby river! Then his buddy Memnarch slides in and convinces the dragon to aid them... and so the Paladin picks them both up by the legs and goes charging over the next mountain to bludgeon some other foul monster.

On a more serious note, the Brawl/Lattice combo would work very nicely with Kemba, Kha Regent, assuming you were playing the colors (sorry, EDH).
Posted By: mrchuckmorris (8/30/2013 10:32:33 PM)


For another wtf moment, use Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas's -1 to turn Bludgeon Brawl into a creature, then equip it with Tezzeret himself. Proceed to beat face with a 9/5 enchantment equipped with a planeswalker.
Posted By: XepherXero (2/3/2013 2:23:58 PM)


Puresteel paladin's ability essentially creates another line of text on the equipment that says Equip : 0

So yes, with mycosynth lattice and the paladin you can equip all your permanents to something for free. goblin gaveleer seems like a good option.
Posted By: MindAblaze (11/29/2013 8:09:12 PM)


If Wizards didn't make the God's weapons into equipments then I will!
Posted By: TheDarkLight (4/16/2014 9:44:19 PM)


The image of Gideon Jura swinging wildly with Jace, the Mind Sculptor covered in Liquimetal Coating will now haunt you forever.
Posted By: BarryOgg (4/28/2011 4:29:44 PM)


How about this? Cast an aura on a creature (say, Eldrazi Conscription), then cast Mycosynth Lattice, then cast this. The aura becomes an artifact, and then it becomes an equipment. It's already attached to a creature, so you don't need to equip it. The creature now gets two completely independent bonuses from the same card, giving it a total of +18/+10 (and trample and annihilate). And you can move it to another creature (gaining both the aura bonus and the equip bonus) using the equip ability.
Posted By: sonorhC (6/28/2011 5:48:13 PM)


I foresee a Memnite emerging from a Prototype Portal and promptly picking up the portal and swinging it as other memnites come flying out.
Posted By: roguepariah (5/5/2011 1:13:24 PM)


FINALLY Runesword can be used effectively! But, of course, it's still less deadly than punching someone in the face with a ring or, God forbid, beating them over the head with a small brass lamp.
Posted By: Ragamander (5/16/2011 7:21:39 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!