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Take that, Molten-Tail Masticore!
Posted By: chinkeeyong (4/29/2011 1:42:24 AM)


Even though it's not that great of a card, i'm still afraid because it's one of the few things that can kill an Etched Champion.
Posted By: ridiculousricky (5/3/2011 5:57:29 PM)


How is this only 2.72/5? It's obviously a limited card folks, and a good one at that. For 2 mana, 1 of which can be paid at instant speed, you do Flame Slash level damage - in COLOURLESS. Of course, it's only to artifact creatures, but again, limited - there's plenty of art creats.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (5/3/2011 9:46:14 AM)


I got a couple of these at the pre-release and they were incredibly useful against tumble magnets and all those golems and colored phyrexian artifact creatures..
Posted By: Lavrant (5/8/2011 10:29:40 AM)


I'm giving it four stars, for being such an awesome way in taking down a lot of artifact creatures in limited. This thing saved my ass from stuff like Moltensteel Dragon at the prerelease. Stuff that would have killed me otherwise. Yeah, I wish it was more verstail for constructed purposes.(Like remove any counters from target permanent. But that would have been way too good...) So, yeah, really solid in limited enviroments. I like it a lot.

Also: Take that, Moltensteel Dragon! :)

@Amnatto: Yep, those look like gobos....(Kinda hard to tell, but the rib cage looks similar to the gobo's ribcage in Artillerize.)
Posted By: DragoKnight (5/10/2011 11:11:53 AM)


take that bladed sentinel
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/29/2011 1:06:54 PM)


I done lol'd
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/29/2011 5:05:03 PM)


Am I mistaken, or does that mine look like it's made out of goblins...?
Posted By: Amnatto (5/9/2011 5:26:36 PM)


This is nice sideboarding material. Everflowing Chalice won't everflow much after you mine it XD.
Posted By: Diab0l0 (5/26/2011 4:17:31 PM)


I retract my previous statement- this card is excellent in limited. You want to put some early pressure with Ichorclaw Myr? Hahaha, NO. Want to keep me at bay with Blinding Souleater or Tumble Magnet? I don't think so.

Mu favourite use of this was at prerelease. I had 5 lands on the table, and opponent just played my Steel Hellkite which he Praetor's Grasped earlier. So I use four mana to Instill Infection on it, get to draw a land with it, and promptly use the remaining 2 lands to drop and activate this. Poor Hellkite was really beaten during that match, in Game 2 it had both his Enslave and mine Numbing Dose on it, and ended as Artillerize fodder.
Posted By: BarryOgg (6/28/2011 2:15:17 PM)


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