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This is pretty good in multiplayer since it says 'an' opponent. You could be the one with the second highest life total and/or creatures and benefit from this.
Posted By: Qazior (7/9/2011 8:25:28 AM)


"If you have less life than your opponent, it means that this deck of yours doesn't work"


Or, you know, they actually have a deck that is worthy of playing. Are you expecting to have more life than your opponent at every single opportunity? What if they cast incinerate on you and you aren't running control blue? What if (God forbid) they actually attacked you with their creatures? Stating something like that is outrageous. I'm fairly certain you don't have the Power 9 in every deck you own. In addition, why would you bother facing a deck that is so helpless it can't even damage you? That's not even fun.
Posted By: divine_exodus (7/11/2011 2:26:52 PM)


To the naysayers, nothing felt more stupid than swinging at my opponent on turn 2 with Elite Vanguard, putting him at 18, then watching him gain 6 life and drop 3 1/1 creature tokens into play on his next turn for {2}{W}
Posted By: tcollins (7/11/2011 5:50:28 PM)


the tokens it creates are NOT humans
Posted By: Tokosan (9/23/2011 2:32:33 PM)


For control decks you likely would earn both benefits, makes it a life gain + token generation. Life gain keeps your alive and tokens are extra blockers. However, Alucard311 is right when he said this card should be an Instant to be 'timely'.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/7/2011 8:48:49 PM)


This is obviously Kor Firewalker's replacement in standard when Innistrad hits.
Posted By: bfellow (7/13/2011 6:56:10 PM)


This is the answer to red decks for any UW control, white weenie, or cawblade decks that are still around in standard, espeically once Kor Firewalker rotates.
Posted By: deth2munkies (7/20/2011 8:58:58 AM)


This card is a saving a grace especially in Soldier Tribal. Where you can get boosts from other soldiers eg: Captain Of The Watch. A great card that can make the best of a bad situation 5/5.
Posted By: Dr_Fletchers (9/3/2011 2:07:45 AM)


Incredible with Parallel Lives from Innistrad.
Posted By: Igooog (10/22/2011 5:21:11 PM)


This is too much card advantage in white for 3 mana, even at sorcery speed. In standard right now, you don't need luck to get the conditional, you need an opponent who's trying to kill you. Standard is very creature heavy right now. This card effectively allows you to ignore any creature deck for the first 3 turns and suffer little to no penalty, granting yourself 3 chump blockers for turn 4. That's the "worst" this card is. In reality the 2 buff cards in the environment for 2 mana, that apply to the tokens makes it far better.

My frustration with this card is sourced to my affection for a well groomed red aggro deck. I'm still testing the limits of "outplaying" this card, but it won't surprise me if I hit a brick wall in this environment. Lots of great in color cards combo nicely with this, Elspeth, Virtue, Honor. I need to learn to beat it or go hide in the corner licking my wounds until the next set comes out.
Posted By: hyperdrachen (11/3/2011 9:04:19 AM)