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Turn 4: Drop Chandra, the Firebrand
Turn 5: Make opponent cry with double Plow Under.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (7/8/2011 1:33:37 PM)


I'm so proud of my little Chandra finally breaking the $4 mark.
Posted By: ThisisSakon (7/7/2011 5:45:48 PM)


Notice the single R in her cost? That's right, she's sure to make a splash somewhere. :D
Posted By: Keino (7/7/2011 3:13:24 PM)


Got her in the prerelease with Jace, Memory Adept (lucky me :D).
I think, in Limited, one of my favorite uses was doubling either Goblin Grenade or Act of Treason.
As far as Standard goes: she'll see constructed play, I'm positive. She's 4 CMC, the magic Planeswalker number, with three very relevant abilities.
Posted By: infernox10 (7/9/2011 3:56:39 AM)



Chandra is my favorite.

Splash her in some G ramp decks. Who wouldn't love a double Rampant Growth?
Posted By: Deco_y (7/7/2011 8:09:30 PM)



Play Chandra, the Firebrand
Then play Time Stretch (or any other abusive spell, really, IDC)
Then copy it, gaining 4 extra turns.
Then just go crazy, lol.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (7/8/2011 2:54:24 PM)


@ psyklone

You can't do that, the last ability is the same as Hex (EXCEPT for one important thing)

Like Hex you must target 6 different targets and each of them get 6. You must have 6 different targets to use the last ability.

EXCEPT it says up to, so instead of needing 6 targets like Hex, you can choose 1-6 targets, but they each must be different still
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (7/12/2011 7:12:29 AM)


@Rocchio & Merrshaulk State based actions are checked after her ability goes on the stack but before it resolves. She will go into the graveyard before her ability resolves, but she doesn't need to actually be in play for her ability to function properly.
Posted By: Pekkekke (3/8/2012 9:01:17 PM)


An M12 Pre-release true story:
Opponent's turn: Opponent has 2 life playing R/B. I have 18 playing G/R deck. She has Chandra M12 with 3 loyalty and some chump blockers while I have Garruk M12 with 1 loyalty, a tapped arachnus spinner and a stampeding rhino with summoning sickness. I have a reclaim, blood ogre and act of treason in hand. She has no cards in hand.

I plan to play reclaim on a fireball at end of her turn.

Turn starts, she draws a card. She casts Sorin's Vengeance with Chandra's 2nd ability triggered. GG. Just like that.
Posted By: grandkill (7/9/2011 7:15:49 AM)


Volt Charge for 6 damage and +2 back onto Chandra (and other Planeswalkers/Artifacts/Creatures you control.. Garruk anyone? Everflowing Chalice? Primordial Hydra??).

Tezzeret's Gambit for 4 cards and the exact same thing.

R/G aggro, you're looking mighty scary there..
Posted By: NocteMundi (7/11/2011 5:11:42 PM)


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