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Wait a minute... is it just me, or is this strictly worse than Butcher's Cleaver? Someone really ought to go see Veteran Swordsmith about changing the soldiers' standard issue weapons from swords to meat cleavers...
Posted By: lucidtraceur (10/23/2011 12:01:01 PM)


I love greatswords.

I HATE this card.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (11/16/2011 10:29:38 AM)


I love uncommons that are alllllmost playable in limited. Except it was awful in M12 drafts because it was a very aggresive enviorment so if you were playing agro these weren't worth it. And if you were playing control they still weren't worth it.
Posted By: ndrew68 (8/30/2012 10:03:12 PM)


Well, this sword is sharp enough to kill an elephant. And when in the hands of an Eager Cadet, it can slay a Serra Angel! Turns your 1/1 into a five turn clock!

But this is a weak card when stacked up against the more powerful alternatives.

I dont mind weak cards, but I want every single card, including "junk" to be somewhat playable. Hey, we are spending money for these cards!
Then again, this is an equipment. And if this is your only option, it could potentially win you some games. But in a very inefficient manner. Could cost you the game, "If only this great-sword was a sword of so and so, I would have won!"

I never got the argument that they need junk cards to hold back power creep. When in tournaments everyone's deck consists of the strongest cards in the format, so the junk cards have 0 relevance.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/9/2012 11:52:42 PM)


Shiny yeah, but 'great' is pushing it.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (7/7/2011 2:53:31 PM)


It's like they took a Bonesplitter, tripled the casting and equip costs and increased the power by 50%. That is incredibly inefficient.
Posted By: SirMalkin (7/7/2011 3:21:41 PM)


Strictly worse than Sunforger, Vulshok Battlegear, and Loxodon Warhammer. And it's uncommon. Fantastic.
Posted By: alucard311 (7/7/2011 6:48:32 PM)


If you want my opinion of inefficient artifacts, read my rant on Rusted Sentinel.

But just to encapsulate it, here's my main point:

An Artifact is flavourfully created by someone. A blacksmith smelts the metal, and creates a weapon. Why couldn't they make something better?

A counterargument would be that; if I looked at all of the other 3-cost, 3-equip artifacts, they're created by some mystical force: Vulshok Battlegear is made by forge-masters, Sunforger is made from the... sun? I guess, and Loxodon Warhammer is probably the Loxodon's pride and joy.

This is just a plain, old Greatsword, made by some shmuk of a person. It's like comparing Iron weaponry to Daedric weaponry in Skyrim.
Posted By: Ferlord (10/15/2012 8:46:49 AM)


A lot of the 2012 uncommons are less impressive than the commons.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (7/13/2011 2:24:21 PM)


Obviously this is a limited card. However, it's pretty good in limited. Imo, equipment like this is pretty good in limited as it breaks ground stalls, and makes your evasive creatures pretty amazing. The rating feature on this thing is completely arbitrary because in constructed this is obviously unplayable (so probably a zero) but in limited is probably a 3 or a 4.
Posted By: ZursApprentice (7/12/2011 6:32:49 AM)


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