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Use with divine reckoning and any human for instant board advantage
Posted By: puresightmerrow (9/22/2011 8:13:07 PM)


The synergy with Invisible Stalker is interesting, but I don't like how she dies to an equal cost Black Sun's Zenith. I want this chick to be good because she's really formidable looking and bad@ss, but I guess time will tell.
Posted By: axiobeta (9/22/2011 3:34:41 PM)


At the pre-release, I got this out with an invisible stalker. There is almost no way to beat that if your opponent can't get past the stalker's hexproof.
Posted By: shotoku64 (2/24/2012 2:42:42 PM)


White Blue will definitely make it through to the next standard season. Between this, Invisible Stalker-wielding a Sword, Grand Abolisher, Fiend Hunter, Geist of Saint Traft, blue's new draw spells, Mana Leak and stuff, expect another year of WhiteBlue.
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/22/2011 3:11:10 PM)


Very nice mythic, the flavor in this set is truly amazing.
Posted By: DragonicSphinx (9/23/2011 9:50:36 PM)


Cons: It's not Baneslayer Angel
Pros: It's not Baneslayer Angel!!!!!

Posted By: Superllama12 (1/21/2012 5:18:30 PM)


She's the only 5-drop angel out there that can say "I can kill Baneslayer Angel and live to tell the tale". That's damn impressive.
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (10/28/2011 3:07:58 PM)


@axiobeta Everything dies to black sun's, so it's all good
Posted By: pedrodyl (10/9/2011 10:55:01 PM)


The Cons: It's not baneslayer, needs humans to be relevant

The Pros: In the right deck, you'll nearly always have humans. Survives divine retribution. IT WON'T DIE.

I, personally love it.
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (9/30/2011 6:32:38 PM)


Extremely less broken version of BSA. While it could get pretty ridiculous, there's enough that can take it out without much work. I love this card.
Posted By: BastianQoU (9/25/2011 1:01:57 PM)


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