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Try this one along side with Gideon's Avenger and Mentor of the Meek for fun.
Posted By: CopySix (9/22/2011 5:16:12 PM)


Not sure it's a good deal vs. Blinding Mage; the amount of times you'll have been able to cast this but really need to use non-white mana to activate it I think will be less than the amount of times you'll want to tap a human. Of course, usually I'd take Gideon's Lawkeeper over either of these.

You will draft this in Innistrad limited, though.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (9/23/2011 2:26:53 PM)


I'm keeping this guy away from my goats.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (9/23/2011 8:01:14 AM)


I wonder how many times I goofed and used this on a human. Yea, that little bit of text hurts it A LOT since the place where it should be great, limited, is full of humans.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/26/2011 9:30:13 PM)


So good in Innistrad limited. If you're up against a blue opponent with a lot of stiched zombies, you can't kill their creatures, because then they can cast the big stuff. White removal is a lot more powerful in this set because it doesn't kill things, merely neutralize them. I learned this the hard way after feeling good about zapping a blue player's chumps, then facing down a Skaab Goliath. I sided in my white removal, which I should have done in the first place because I am an idiot, and I was able to take the next two games by simply not killing anything and pecking away with small fliers.
Posted By: RJDroid (10/2/2011 11:44:19 PM)


Not as good in draft as most will think, as humans are really, really strong in limited. Good sideboard though.
Posted By: pigknight (10/3/2011 7:39:50 PM)


Posted By: kanguilla (9/22/2011 8:11:31 PM)


Does the flavor text make anyone else think there's some collusion going on here?
Posted By: sonorhC (9/23/2011 7:25:55 PM)


Apparently, Gatherer commentors have been hanging around Aberforth >.<

Anyway, shouldn't this be more economical than Blinding Mage, because it's more conditional? Or maybe color filtering it is considered enough of a boost...Gideon's Lawkeeper, for all intents and purposes, is probably 'strictly better' than either, in the sense that you would always play him over the other two if forced to choose.
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/26/2011 8:08:32 AM)


colorless activation
1/2 power for 2
only tap non humans
costs 2 mana
i would say this is far worse than gideon's lawkeeper which is currently standard and will be fore some time
no one is going to use this over lawkeeper until it rotates out which won't happen for quite a while
Posted By: nope.avi (10/10/2011 2:06:26 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!