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I think this card deserves a decent rating, if only because it's bloody blue targeted removal that also messes with dredge or graveyard-based triggered effects, gets around indestructibility, and gives you a more flexible way to deal with non-counterable cards than Mindbreak Trap or Time Stop. Yeah, it's expensive, but unless I'm missing something it's mono-blue's only one-card, targeted, permanent, all-purpose creature removal. You can Icy Prison/Eon Hub something, or Diminish/Prodigal Sorcerer, or Disorient/Twisted Image, but none of those will permanently remove something on their own. (Reality Acid will work if you have the luxury of waiting 3 turns). There's also a few cards like Mind Control, Control Magic, Steal Artifact... (see all)
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/18/2011 6:58:16 PM)


@Zoah Because it hasn't been made yet. Its a Sight from the Future
Posted By: Sour_Diesel (10/21/2010 1:55:19 PM)


A bit pricey, but it get's around indestructible and regeneration.
Posted By: Hibron (8/12/2010 11:34:55 AM)


Why are there only two cards in the game with fateseal?
Posted By: Zoah (9/23/2010 1:47:41 AM)


One of about a dozen cards that combo well with Tunnel Vision, which, incidentally, also works very well in EDH. Sen Triplets is a good general for this combo.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (12/7/2010 10:20:06 PM)


4Blue: Target player doesn't see their general for a long, long time.

I really hope fateseal makes an appearance in the near future; it's such a great mechanic, especially against cards like Liliana Vess or Worldly Tutor that put the tutored card on top of your opponent's library.
Posted By: ParishInquisitor (2/14/2013 10:48:54 AM)


This card is amazing in EDH. You can put an opponent's general on the bottom of his or her library.
Posted By: Horos_god_of_magic (10/31/2010 6:00:34 PM)


Fateseal is such a great mechanic. Wizards needs to stop with the stupid crap like Infect and Unleash and go back go fun mechanics.
Posted By: wholelottalove (10/29/2012 8:08:49 AM)


Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (4/4/2011 7:53:06 PM)


Blue needs to see more removal like this.

Rating: 3 of 5

A bit too pricey to cast when most of the time you're only dealing with a single threat. And the creature would probably have done it's damage by turn 4 or 5. But if you're playing mono-blue control, then you should have enough time to use this before any damage has been done.

What would've been great:
-Target up to 2 creatures.
-Cost of 3Blue

Unfortunately, hexproof and shroud are becoming more common and necessary.
Posted By: AMart83 (8/5/2012 6:42:36 PM)


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