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Unbender Tine + Unbender Tine + Wake Thrasher = INFINITE PAIN.

Also, I know the colors are totally wrong,
but I wish they had named this "Fiery Manipulator".
Posted By: drpvfx (11/21/2011 4:47:47 PM)


A fantastic little card, which has a large variety of potential uses. Instead of trying to stick it in a particular combo, I use it in my deck for a variety of uses. Azorius Chancery to use it as a mana stone, or I use it as a 1 card Amulet of Vigor, or as pseudo vigilance. Its such a simple and clean card, with a wide variety of uses. Becomes even more friendly with Grand Arbiter Augustin IV out.
Posted By: headfirst10153 (1/15/2011 3:52:39 PM)


This card defines the "Underpants Gnomes" ellipses profit motif. Witness:

1 Play two Unbender Tine
2 Go infinite, using one to untap the other
3 ...
4 Profit!
Posted By: Salient (1/11/2012 7:15:05 PM)


An interesting card that, by rights, should have shown up in some sort of combo in Standard, though if I recall, that never really happened... Maybe it did spend some time in an Open The Vaults deck, but I'm not really sure. At any rate, clearly this card is meant as a combo component, and the free activation of its ability makes it all the easier.
Posted By: Radagast (12/21/2010 5:59:11 PM)


It costs a bit too much to be over powered, but it makes for great combinations. In one game I got two of these out, and with my Skyward Eye Prophets I was drawing 3 cards per turn. It also works great for things like Phyrexian Colossus, Pristine Angel, and any non vigilant death touch creatures. Not to mention that it can target lands.
Posted By: M3D13V4L (8/23/2012 9:19:06 PM)


Its a voltaic key that can untap anything (not just artifacts) but costs 3 cmc more. On the bright side, it doesn't cost {1} to {T}.

Damn. How is this not being abused?
Posted By: Ancestral_Forget (1/8/2013 10:14:25 AM)


This thing never saw play in standard because Jund cascade and faeries were still running rampant, its kind of a shame really...
4/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/16/2013 5:43:41 PM)



That plus Mesmeric Orb = infinite self mill... No idea how to follow up on that though. Psychic Spiral or Laboratory Maniac I guess?

Haunting Wind is in color for Esper. It'd be quite possibly the awesomest win ever to drop Near-Death Experience and hit yourself down to 1 with this. You'd need to have an odd number of life, though, otherwise you'd jump from 2 to 0. You could always run it with Mirror Universe/Soul Conduit?

Oh wait. I'm a fool, just hit 2, then tap something non-artifact to end up at 1.
Posted By: NARFNra (7/16/2013 10:55:50 PM)


The favoured weapon of Kiora's Followers.
Posted By: MCcreator (2/8/2014 1:05:08 PM)


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