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This makes mill even more fun to play than it already is.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (11/8/2010 8:56:36 AM)


Awesome art is awesome. I like the abstract background stuff, especially on a creature like this who is just so absurdly powerful.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (1/8/2011 7:50:11 AM)


THE best avatar... and one of the best cards for a black EDH deck...
Posted By: Anubisisking (2/6/2011 11:05:17 AM)


How to not smile while putting this on the table, paying only 2 mana? :)
Posted By: Autor (3/24/2011 1:52:16 PM)


Yes it looks better than it actually is at cost, but that's entirely understandable considering you'll be setting up a situation to play it for BB. If it didn't have the cost reduction ability it would be lousy, like all the Prophecy avatars, it's the ability to get this creature for 1/4th the cost on relatively simple conditions that makes it so good. Also, when it was new, it was one of the very few ways black had to kill black things, which combined extremely well with its Fear, allowing it to become unblockable while eliminating threats.
Posted By: Atali (4/27/2011 10:27:51 AM)


Avatar of Woah that hurts...
Posted By: Delixu (5/19/2011 11:05:29 AM)


If Black is doing its job properly, Avatar of Woe costs 6 less to cast.

Black ability

T: Very very black ability
My deck: Black/Blue/Red Sedris EDH
*Thumbs up*
On another note, dies to dismemberment, BARELY.
But so do most things, I guess >.<
Posted By: gman92 (1/19/2012 8:50:27 AM)


obscene combo with Thornbite Staff, instant kill on any and all creatures it can target.
Posted By: Acheron_ (11/27/2010 12:39:36 PM)


Avatar of Woah.
Posted By: auriscope (10/10/2010 12:58:41 PM)


This + Thorn Elemental is what made rk post popular. The art is simply epic beyond belief.

The only thing that can beat the artwork would be a full picture foil Chippy Ravnica 2.0 land signed by Richard Garfield with Chimney Imps dancing in the background.
Posted By: dberry02 (12/9/2010 12:04:28 PM)