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Not very often they reprint the timeshifted versions of cards from the Planar Chaos set. It's probably one of the best options for green draw.

@rinoh20: well, there's also Fecundity, Biomantic Mastery, Wirewood Savage, Regal Force, Overbeing of Myth, probably some others. Still, Harmonize is quite a bit better than its blue counterpart Concentrate.
Posted By: raptorjesus69 (2/6/2011 8:52:30 PM)


"but that doesn't make it better; it just makes one more useful to decks that would run it"

How else can you determine which card is better other than the usefulness of them in application? Cards don't exist in a vacuum.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/20/2011 3:37:25 PM)


"Still, Harmonize is quite a bit better than its blue counterpart Concentrate."

They look pretty identical to me. Harmonize may be better on the grounds that Green doesn't have much that gives you straight-up draw whereas Blue has draw coming out of its ears, but that doesn't make it better; it just makes one more useful to decks that would run it. Same way that Psionic Blast isn't any better than Char, but since the former is in a color that has almost no damage spells, it's much more useful than the latter, which has to compete with Lightning Bolt, Flame Slash, Banefire, and others.

I'm not trying to be hostile; unless I'm really missing something here (4 CMC, 2 of it colored, sorcery, draw 3), I'd say they're identical. Of course a green deck will be much more likely to run this than a blue deck to run Concentrate/autocar... (see all)
Posted By: Lyoncet (7/20/2011 2:44:07 PM)


And you are all forgetting the king of green card draw: Glimpse of Nature
Posted By: frommerman (2/10/2011 9:48:28 PM)


Women lie, men lie,
Women lie, men lie,
Women lie, men lie,
Money don' lie. ~
Posted By: infernox10 (12/15/2010 12:48:31 PM)


@ raptorjesus69
isn't pretty much the only card drawing green has?
Posted By: rinoh20 (12/11/2010 11:07:00 PM)


Green may just be the new king of card drawing.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/27/2010 11:31:23 PM)


This is awesome, compared to Jace's Ingenuity.
Posted By: land_comment (3/27/2011 4:37:00 PM)


Decent for Green, although Sylvan Library is still far better in my mind.

The Library has to be one of the best draw spells out there. The only drawback is that it's almost impossible to get them to stack.

The thing with Harmonize is that Green has so many ways to get it's staple (creatures) without bothering with drawing. It gets a lot better when you have splashed another color for spells.
Posted By: LeakyBucket (6/13/2011 8:04:47 AM)


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