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Compare to Gideon's Lawkeeper lol!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/22/2012 1:16:04 AM)


I don't get why they made her cost 1Red. A cost of Red would have been perfectly fine for what she does.
Most spellshapers have an effect that's equal to target sorcery or instant.
This one just provides a watered-down Panic. It would have been a lot cooler if they kept the slowtrip effect.
Posted By: Mode (8/23/2012 4:19:10 AM)


I like this card, it has a wonderful effect so you make it and then attack with your more powerful creatures.
Posted By: Andrew25 (3/4/2009 3:52:55 PM)


If it had haste, I would have included it in my madness/threshold deck, but I opted for a Grixis Battlemage since my deck was Blue/Black/Red anyway and the battlemage did more overall.

This is not a terrible card considering it's just a common and comes out second turn (About the time you would actually start to need its ability) And can start great combos with madness cards or putting unearth/scavenge/anything you want to resurrect later into your graveyard.

Not good, not bad, kinda decent early game creature for getting one of your cheap goblins past someones 1/2 creature but there are much better cards to take care of blockers once you hit 3+ mana.
Posted By: N03y3D33R (7/3/2013 9:12:42 AM)


Horrid spellshaper.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/11/2009 11:25:22 PM)


The smudgy art looks like Mirage block leftovers.
Posted By: BegleOne (8/19/2011 2:53:36 PM)


sry but i dont have time tapping all defenders out i would rather play incite hysteria for instance
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (4/1/2011 12:26:33 PM)


discard is a very expensive drawback. unless your deck is built around discard /self-mill, 90% of the time, the card you would discard is more valuable actually being casted..

BUT! IF you do have a self-mill/ discard deck, then this guys is just another useful cantrip.

2.5/5, decent if you build around it. Also, I rarely see red self-discard/mill decks unless it's a madness deck, so coloring may be, at times, somewhat undesirable.
Posted By: Burningsickle (4/12/2014 8:38:14 AM)