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The flavor is awesome and the art is just stunning.
Posted By: Bluehero (9/25/2011 11:14:42 AM)


This set has a trampler in each color how weird is that.
Posted By: Wprundv (9/23/2011 7:57:45 PM)


I love the idea of this ability triggering due to the death of Plague Rats

Posted By: RedZeko (1/28/2012 5:01:55 PM)


Posted By: Villainous1 (11/3/2011 2:04:14 PM)


@AluminumAngel, If you think about human nature... it's not that crazy at all. Think of a single protester in a city street. Now think of what happens when that single protester becomes a mob. They get violent and crazy. It is a totally human transformation explained by the "pack mentality", and I'm quite pleased they included a card like this--after all, Humans are just as much animals as the beasts they fight...

Also, it's a WHITE 5/4 trample for 4, and paired with the numerous bonuses humans get when run together in this set, they can easily become a 6/5 or even a 7/6. Not a fun thing to be fighting in any case.
Posted By: Kretor (10/6/2011 2:06:42 PM)


Here's a complete list of common mono-white creatures that are bigger than this.

Yoked Plowbeast.

That is all. And that one doesn't have Trample.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (9/23/2011 3:56:01 PM)


I feel it's very odd that they kept this side white. Since it's casting cost is on the other side, the color on this side is largely flavorful, especially in Limited where there's not color hosers. So making this red would've fit mechanically AND flavorfully. It's not they did it with Civilized Scholar and Cloistered Youth, too, so it's not like it would've been the only case.

Still, flavor questions aside, this is a fantastic card. One of the most solid commons in the set in Limited. Your opponent does NOT want to see this side and will change their whole plan to make sure they don't.
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (10/16/2011 10:17:42 PM)


I'm not too keen on this transform card. All of the other transformations are horrific and metaphysical. This one is just a bunch of humans joining up and getting mad. Doesn't fit with the flavor of all other transform cards, IMO.
Posted By: AluminumAngel (10/3/2011 12:15:24 AM)


Awesome combo with selfless cathar, they block the 2/2 it flips swinging for 6/5 trampling instead
Posted By: DragonicSphinx (9/25/2011 10:36:50 PM)


@Magnor I think it still makes sense as white. They've seen their friends die, and now they will be all the more ready to defend their town. Heck, if Unruly Mob is white, I see no reason this card shouldn't be.

Still, so awesome in my pre-release deck. Pulled 3 of em...
Posted By: Edword23 (11/21/2011 10:50:41 AM)