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I like this cost for it better.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (2/4/2011 10:59:53 AM)


Well, it doesn't have the wrong cost online. All the cards are corrected and shown with their oracle text.
Posted By: GainsBanding (2/1/2011 6:02:08 AM)


Wait, so they reprinted the version with the wrong cost on the card?
Posted By: NeedADispenserHere (12/12/2010 2:12:47 AM)


Lol, why did they put the mistake in Masters? 7th's and friends was correct.
Posted By: NeoKoda (10/29/2011 10:19:28 PM)


Poor Storm Crow... =,(
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/27/2012 8:58:27 PM)


They really should revert this to the 2 CMC version. That would still be underwhelming but would at least make sense relative to, say, Needle Storm. As is, this is just like Windstorm if Windstorm said "X is always 2. Play only as a Sorcery."
Posted By: dessert_twister (6/4/2012 2:47:21 PM)


they reprinted it with this art, at least. Unfortunately the suckage remains.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/28/2011 9:45:46 AM)


The reminder text in paranthesis should have actually said...

"A creature has flying if it says 'FLYING' in its text box."
Or... "A creature can FLY if it has a pair of wings."
Or... "The word FLYING begins with the letter F."
...Or even "a card is a rectangular thing made out of cardboard, that you are holding in your hand."

I mean, come on! We don't want to new players to be confused, do we?
Posted By: DrJack (8/2/2012 7:07:40 AM)


Posted By: Ironsharp (12/15/2012 9:25:45 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!