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People seem to have some idea that a card that does nothing but lifegain is always bad. That is WRONG. If you have this card on sideboard against Red Deck Wins, you have essentially made every single one of their Lightning Bolts only hit you for two in the face, while in the meantime you will be gaining a life from every spell you cast as well. I don't think you understand how it is virtually impossible for them to outrace you if you have that sort of advantage.

You should never have this card mainboard, though. If you are the only one casting red spells, it is pretty mediocre. But there is a reason that tier one Modern RDW decks have this card on sideboard, because it makes the mirror match a piece of cake.

Don't judge just because a lot of lifegain cards aren't very good.
Posted By: Tamerlein (7/19/2013 9:25:34 AM)


Do you people not realize that sometimes they print cards just to counter certain effects/deck builds?

Sideboard this in vs Storm and see how powerful this is. You'll be rating it at 5 stars then.

Outside of that, the use is a little more limited but in a mono red deck, this helps you go the distance for the win...
Posted By: Zylo- (9/4/2013 7:15:52 PM)


The only half-decent card in the cycle, as it's great in the RDW mirror. Sideboard only. 2/5
Posted By: Continue (11/11/2013 9:44:10 PM)


A little bland, but actually quite good when used defensively. A few of these out effectively neuters burn. 3.5 for sideboard material.
Posted By: Gareth32 (7/13/2011 11:54:05 AM)


Best of the cycle (and that's saying a lot) because it is good sideboard material agaist a red deck wins deck.
Posted By: pigknight (7/12/2011 11:53:20 AM)


Great card for the red deck mirror, should definitely but thought of differently to the others in this cycle
Posted By: Trent_Almighty (7/16/2011 6:33:25 PM)


What are you talking about? This card has saved many a burn deck (especially mine) from running out of steam by letting it live just a little longer. I think it's really good in the right deck.
Posted By: ridiculousricky (7/8/2011 10:10:41 PM)


I am bored to death with this cycle of terrible cards.

For an uncommon color-sensitive cycle of cards, why didn't they simply reprint the Shards from the first Mirrodin block? Granite Shard would have been a great Bloodthirst enabler for every color, and entire cycle has the advantage of not being mindlessly recycled six times before.
Posted By: scumbling1 (7/8/2011 8:45:18 AM)


So sick of seeing these.
Posted By: PeabodyET (7/8/2011 10:02:54 AM)


Oh great, you again.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (7/9/2011 12:56:12 PM)


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