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More mixed up tribal. Just like Lorwyn. On the other hand there's no reason this ever has to actually be in play.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (9/22/2011 3:09:54 PM)


Yeah, without a discard outlet in white or green, I'm not sure what you're going to do with this other than just play it and let it die which is pretty lame. Grimoire of the Dead is like your only option from recent sets for getting this in there.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (9/24/2011 2:05:57 PM)


This card is ok... I don't really like it though, because it has tied up two opposing deck strategies into one rather awkward card... you want to discard or mill this, but at the same time you want to play it with all the nice G/W humans...

A straight human deck is better off sticking to a green/white aggro strategy then trying to mill for this thing.

It's an EDH card for those people who'll do Human EDH.
Posted By: Anubisisking (10/1/2011 1:58:46 PM)


Its stats and mana cost doesn't really matter. The closest thing to compare it to is valor. The execution for both is the same (mill yourself or discard it) but this is much more narrow. Don't forget that this is a 5/5 flyer for 6 so if you do topdeck it late (after your humans have already been cast) it can be a nice finisher.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (9/22/2011 8:41:42 PM)


Civilized Scholarand Forbidden Alchemy work well to put this in your graveyard.
Posted By: Duskhart (9/23/2011 11:06:21 PM)


@Gabriel422: Well.. it might actually be worth it. Since all of your creatures get +1/+1 bigger, you'll be able to cast a 2/2 Doomed Traveler or a 3/2 Elite Vanguard on turn 2 - and that should certainly be able to match any 2-drop that your opponent has at that point.

As for my own opinion, I really like it. It's a decent late game draw, and even it dies, it continues to help you by making every topdecked Human better.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/17/2011 4:28:48 PM)


Excellent. You can attack to the point of recklessness with this thing and your opponent is faced with the dilemna of "should I kill it?" Then if he does, you're sitting there a few turns later with a ton of +1/+1 counters (and a smile) while your opponent is on the opposite side of the wall, banging his head against the wall. However, this card isn't really "flexible", and costs a pretty penny in terms of mana. 4/5

Somewhere in the vast plane of Innistrad, two villagers are on watch:
"Hey, are you seeing this?"

"Yeah. There's my grandfather, my great-grandmother and my great-great grandfather. Come to think of it, I didn't even know..."

The villagers give each other looks and pass out.
Posted By: deadeye1387 (2/6/2012 3:48:59 PM)


5/5 seems a bit beefy for an ancestor ghost. Now that grandpa's dead, he can trade hits with a Shivan Dragon and kill a Sengir Vampire or Serra Angel without dying?

I assume that this thing wasn't originally supposed to be so big and expensive, but got beefed up because they needed a big white flier for the set, and Angels didn't fit. In the process, his CMC rose so high that his ability becomes a bit too tough to use. (And almost irrelevant next to his 5/5 body.)
Posted By: Aquillion (6/17/2013 11:17:10 AM)


Really not very good. The rhythm is all mixed up. By the time you play this, and it dies, you will have cast most of your humans (which in Innistrad are low-cost and small). The ones that are left will be of little use to you this late in the game, even with a +1/+1 counter.

Requires some sort of shenanigans to get it in your graveyard early, but since most of Innistrad's effects that do this are random, good luck (literally)!
Posted By: Wulfsten (9/23/2011 8:10:05 PM)


Discard it early, then bring it back to your hand later with Angel of Flight Alabaster when you need a 5/5 flyer! uht-oh .. Purify the Grave just happened to ruin that for you in a white on geist instant
Posted By: BenD (11/6/2011 1:48:06 AM)


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