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You get a shivan meteor! and you get a shivan meteor! You all get SHIVAN METEORS!
Posted By: tcollins (10/24/2011 11:15:46 AM)


Gee, luckily I have these two Spitemares on the board.
Posted By: Ryney (9/25/2011 10:19:50 AM)


Completely splashable too!
The only good pro-red creature in red is vulshok refugees, and most of the rest are white.
After the spitemares and Mogg Maniacs, you can include things like Darksteel Sentinel, Mother of Runes, and the family and friends of Nomads en-kor. Also, Mistmeadow Skulk survives this even if you only pay Red.
While playing with Chain Reaction, I have noticed that the only creatures that survive are those designed to do so on my side of the board, but that the RedRed in the casting cost leaves much to be desired.
Posted By: kiseki (9/26/2011 4:27:42 PM)


Look closer at the art. That dead guy is Selfless Cathar. He didn't even make it out of the church.
Posted By: bandswithgoats (12/12/2011 3:27:17 PM)


"Why didn't WOTC use the words "Affinity for creatures" in this card? Does WOTC forget they make these abilities? This is a nice card, I wish Balefire Dragon had Affinity."

Non-evergreen keywords sometimes aren't used if the set doesn't feature that keyword. Since Blasphemous Act would be the only card in Innistrad with Affinity, Wizards prefers to avoid using the keyword so as to not shift focus away from other set themes. Plus, people still have bad memories of Affinity so they tend to avoid that keyword in particular.

One more thing. Affinity only counts permanents you control so Blasphemous Act doesn't quite use Affinity.
Posted By: DoubleTarget (12/16/2011 3:30:11 PM)


Shivan Meteor ALL the creatures!
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (9/22/2011 2:52:00 PM)


Muahahahaha, that'll teach those Phyrexian Obliterators!!!

Posted By: forumbrowser (7/31/2012 2:04:20 PM)


Now we just need some good creatures with protection from red, and the shenanigans can begin.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/22/2011 10:28:00 PM)


Posted By: Arachnos (8/21/2012 8:33:03 PM)


I was glad to see the rating that people gave this. Those that can't see past the 8Red, think about this: you will NEVER cast it for that cost, EVER. The very max is for a single kill spell is 7Red. After that, this just gets great. It's like the old Affinity spells that are the first to come to mind when someone mentions the word 'broken'. Only for Creatures, and your don't have to control them, and you kill more for less mana. Cards almost never get that type of efficiency, especially in Red, home of the Variable Colorless spells.

Sure, maybe it's not constructed playable, maybe sideboard if token decks take off. But face value (ignoring environment) of the card is 5/5 to me. And EDH is going to love this.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (10/11/2011 7:53:18 PM)