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"Where now the horse and the rider?"
-Theoden, King of Rohan
Posted By: Stray_Dog (7/7/2011 8:49:03 PM)


They should have given it Horsemanship
Posted By: Gamma_Guy (7/8/2011 11:41:05 PM)


Why couldn't there be a knight riding the horse?

@alucard311: So it's an Armored Werehorse?
Posted By: Axelle (7/28/2011 6:28:24 PM)


"It's friday afternoon, you need to go to the beer store before it closes, but you have one more creature to create before you're allowed to leave.. Armored Warhorse is born... "
Know how I know you're 12?

What's the nearest "beer store" and why does it close so early on a night that people are very likely to buy beer?
Posted By: PeabodyET (10/5/2011 11:38:55 AM)


It's still a decent 2 drop. It's not flashy, it won't win any games, but if your running against a creature-spamming haste deck that intends to deal all of its damage in 1's and 2's, it stops the enemy pretty well, and with a few enchantments its not really that bad, all things considered.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (7/20/2011 8:14:16 AM)


White's response to Green's Garruk's Companion. Powercreep in action on core set common level. This would have been extremely good some years ago. It's good even now.
Posted By: AncientTimer (11/6/2011 11:02:54 AM)


My inner Ellis is happy.
Posted By: Totema (4/6/2012 10:17:48 PM)


Now available from Bethesda at the reasonable price of $2.50!
Posted By: Reishyn (6/1/2013 5:15:41 PM)


@Axelle Lionheart Maverick? Apparently he turns into this on a full moon.
Posted By: alucard311 (7/7/2011 5:06:53 PM)


Hey guys, who remembers how freaking awesome it was when they previewed/announced Watchwolf? It was awesome then and it's still kind of awesome now. Plus you get it at common. 4/5
Posted By: Rezzy64 (8/1/2011 11:58:38 PM)


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