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Something about a creature from the 'old times' when creatures were crap, that isn't crap, warms my heart.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/10/2010 7:52:04 PM)


I doubt it had as much syngergy in the 'old times' as it has now. I guess it was a crap after all.
Posted By: Todzik (10/26/2010 11:54:27 PM)


giving this thing basilisk collar and some manner of generating +1/+1 counters... like steel overseer and the included energy chamber gives you a nice pinger engine. It really isn't that bad of a card, expecially with all the artifact love that came with the scars block, take Grand Architect for example. Most people would probably use it to cheat out an easy Wurmcoil Engine, but with some innovation even this measly Construct can take it down.
Posted By: FoxxyEDarko (10/25/2011 7:37:05 PM)


Combos nicely with that silly vampire (Mephidross, I think), that puts a +1/+1 counter on a creature each time it deals damage to a creature. Yeah for infinite creature damage.
Posted By: Radagast (12/18/2011 8:22:17 AM)


I drop this into play all the time in my Mimeoplasm deck. Either exile it and a Lord Of Extinction to make Mimeoplasm huge, or play this with Mikeaus, The Unhallowed. This guy is the reason my friends all hate Tooth And Nail.
Posted By: LowKey49 (6/13/2012 11:51:16 AM)