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This Is A Super Big Timmy Smash Card, Which Also Happens To Be Really Good. I Don't Know What You Guys Are Talking About.
Posted By: Kurraga (10/29/2012 8:16:29 AM)



"Master Of Etherium's Power And Toughness Are Each Equal To The Number Of Artifacts You Control.
Other Artifact Creatures You Control Get +1/+1."

Flavor text: "Only A Troll Unfettered With The Concerns Of The Other Members Can Type Like This."
Posted By: Axelle (4/17/2011 8:14:44 PM)


The baby is the actual creature the artwork is depicting; the guy holding it is just a cleverly-placed statue. {B)

Oh yeah, the card itself is awesome too. Very fun in my blue-based artifact deck.
Posted By: Raibys (8/16/2011 10:37:46 PM)


Whenever he gets killed in a match, I always think, and sometimes say, "Too Bad This Dies To Removal," even though that's not the real troll MOE.
I spend too much time on Gatherer.
Posted By: RJDroid (10/30/2011 11:00:17 PM)


this card is so ridiculously overpowered at 3 cmc. just put a cranial plating on him and watch your opponent just roll his eyes. love it. 5/5

@test subject: that's why I got 3 more, and a skeleton shard!
Posted By: tantallum99 (9/29/2010 10:38:23 PM)


MasterOfEtherium may have just made a chink in my normally unabated hatred. It looks like he's trying to cope with near-unanimous revulsion from the gatherer community by becoming a full-blown, deliberate troll. More importantly though, his post here makes me laugh.
Only time will tell how the persona of the infamous MasterOfEtherium will evolve in the future. The only thing we know for sure is that he will always be an idiot.
Posted By: metalevolence (12/22/2010 12:32:47 AM)


They should have capitalized all the letters in its name and effect...
Posted By: dragonking987 (4/3/2011 9:37:57 PM)



Your preemptive strike has failed. Would you like to drop another hidden f-bomb? XD
another thing i think MOE is a dedicated troll because he has around 1500 cards.
give him hell danny boy!
Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War
Posted By: nightmare_zombie (9/30/2011 5:52:51 PM)


It Isn't Broken Because It Dies To Removal, Lol....
Oh, the card... right...
I play it in my Esper EDH, and it's a powerhouse.
Posted By: ParishInquisitor (3/12/2013 4:49:23 PM)


Since everyone's talking about the gatherer forum troll and not this card, I'll join in by noting the scourge of copycats.

Goblin Gaveleer's comments showcase eTHERIUMoFmASTER, who, cleverly inverts MoE's capitalization tendencies.

Knight Exemplar - Look for MasterOfEfherium (often mistaken for the real McCoy) who always says "Too Bad This Thing Dies to Removal!"

Wurmcoil Engine - MasterOfEtherlum who's just a straight-forward mimic.

Posted By: Paleopaladin (6/21/2011 9:45:56 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!