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...It punts them to Lorwyn?
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/15/2012 5:16:58 AM)


My friends don't have enchant removal. They literally just forget their creature ever existed until I remind them when they play a Planar Cleansing that they get it back.

That's usually bad.
Posted By: Aburaishi (1/3/2011 7:29:15 PM)


i would rather have a disenchant, although my friends deck includes four of these and 12 other similar exile/destroy cards. 4, because does not fully remove powerful monsters from the game.
Posted By: TheTellion (1/14/2011 7:32:22 PM)


Cast Into The Roil on it before it actually exiles the creature for maximum fun!
Posted By: ChaosAxess (1/26/2011 11:27:49 PM)


Thekenghiskhan: Your friend is wrong. If it has shroud, nobody can target it. Full stop. "Target creature is exiled" still targets a creature, so shroud defends against it quite admirably.
Posted By: count_dorku (3/22/2011 1:48:12 PM)


If the ability had said "Exile one creature", you could have exiled a creature with shroud (or color protection). But it says "target" permanent, both of the situations you mentioned requires you to target a creature, a shrouded creature is untargetable.
Posted By: Sleazebag (4/21/2011 6:53:54 AM)


i hate removal more than anything in the world! while it is an enchantment and can be destroyed as such if i am playing mono black (which is one of my favorite colors) i cant do much of anything about it. does anyone know of ANY type of black enchantment destruction?
Posted By: starcrusher (4/26/2011 9:23:34 PM)


Now to send you to the Phantom Zone!!!!
Posted By: Blackwatch_00 (5/1/2011 10:55:32 AM)


Emrakul can be exiled by this. This card's ability triggers when it enters the battlefield, at which point it is no longer a spell, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn no longer has protection from it.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (3/22/2011 6:17:13 PM)


oblivion ring's freaky cousin
Posted By: BorosLegionnaire (9/20/2010 1:32:06 PM)


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