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It used to be one of my favorite cards until the trample damage just ran right through it's blocking ability.
Posted By: JoshGuessed (7/28/2010 12:52:06 PM)


Trap runner doesn't block the creature. Her ability makes the cratature blocked. So Venom either on the attacker or her does squat.
Posted By: tavaritz (10/13/2011 11:05:46 PM)


"Question: How does this card work on creatures with trample?"

Simply put, there will be no creature's toughness to absorb any of the damage. You will take whatever the blocked creature's power is.
Posted By: scumbling1 (5/30/2011 3:33:20 PM)


I suppose you could use it on your own Thresher Beast for land destruction that is both free and silly! Or, Saprazzan Heir for a free Ancestral Recall each turn. Or Tolarian Entrancer for... uh, nothing, actually. Still, this girl's good for more than just staving off Phantom Warriors.
Posted By: Kirbster (6/20/2012 7:13:36 PM)


i belive this card can block two creatures 1 normally /1 with the ability. any comment to disprove?
Posted By: jphachy (11/18/2011 11:03:27 PM)


Jesus, for those debating the gender of the card, if 'it's just cardboard', then none of the characters in anything you've ever watched or read have any gender either, because they're just ink and pixels. Granted, I probably wouldn't refer to it as a 'her' either, but the subject of this card is clearly female.

Additionally, I love this card, but does it still work on unblockable creatures like it used to? Or, sorry, 'can't be blocked'. I dislike that change.
Posted By: TheExaltedFox (7/30/2013 5:48:58 PM)


Is it possible to block 2 creatures with it? One by regular block and another one with its ability?
If not, can someone explain why?

- thanks!
Posted By: JackBauer24 (2/24/2010 5:58:22 AM)


MTG please revisit this mechanic!!!
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/3/2009 6:08:53 PM)


I think this card is rated a little highly for what it does, 2.25 at best...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/5/2010 6:48:20 PM)



Well 'she' is a piece of paper so shes an it.
Posted By: Polkovnik_Skyfox (9/6/2010 7:25:19 PM)


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