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A tapped wall is but an open door.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/4/2010 5:19:35 PM)


Oh Arabian Nights, you silly expansion you.
Posted By: Kragash (12/30/2011 6:10:27 PM)


Sabertooth Alley Cat
Posted By: Kuhrun (8/30/2010 10:48:23 AM)


@ TheHandyman - Did you read what Unnatural Selection says? It clearly states a creature OTHER THAN WALL.
Posted By: The_Jabberwocky (3/18/2013 12:13:49 AM)


So glad they decided to take the Junior Classics tran***ion of The Arabian Nights.
Posted By: idrinkyourmilkshake (3/31/2013 9:09:23 PM)


Epic card flavor, huge points just for matching the perfect effect to one of the better-known characters from this set.

Also worth mentioning that this guy can tap multiple walls per turn, so he could be a lot of fun in multiplayer.

A lot more powerful back in his day when people actually still used walls with regularity.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/28/2010 12:34:05 PM)


"The heck is an Ali Baba?"
"I am"
"Oh...so are you the only Ali Baba or are there more?"
"Yes, there's a big 'ol tribe of Ali Babas just over that mountain."
"Oh, so your parents weren't very creative with your name."
Posted By: lufia22 (2/12/2011 6:57:18 PM)


I'd love to play this just so that I could knock on a wall in the room every time I used his effect (Which I would, even if there were no Walls in play).
Yeah, there are, more or less, no more Walls anymore, so...
Posted By: Weretarrasque (2/12/2010 5:37:42 AM)


R:Tap target Changeling or target creature with every creature type.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/16/2010 6:44:59 AM)


Awesome flavor!
Posted By: bloodyspasm (2/27/2009 6:10:46 AM)