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The location of the Three Kingdoms set, perhaps?

EDIT: Confirmed by Doug Beyer on his tumblr to be an original location and completely irrelevant to P3K.
Posted By: Doaj (5/9/2013 10:17:44 AM)


Wow, just wow. I read the ability wrong the first time. I thought it was one creature attacking that same player, then when I re-read it, it's every opponent! Sythetic is right that this will cause havok in EDH...I'll swing with my Grave Titan...OH! Look! I have 2 other opponents, each of you block a 6/6...oh 2 just came into play and attacked, that's 4 2/2's for me, plus the first 2/2 for the original creature.

Now to roll the die during my second main phase...NICE, the chaos symbol, now to sac all these tokens.
Posted By: MANABURNWASGOOD (6/5/2012 12:56:55 PM)


Unfortunately, this won't trigger Grave Titan or anything else that triggers on attacking more than once. The token copies are put onto the battlefield tapped and attacking, which means they exist past the point that attack triggers are checked. (Check the rulings under Kaalia of the Vast for confirmation). Your original titan will trigger, but the copies won't. On the upside, however, your original attacker will have to pay costs to attack (such as on Propaganda or Norn's Annex), but the copies won't, so any player that is hiding behind those cards becomes defenseless with this plane active. This card is lots of fun in multi-player, especially if you have creatures that do interesting things in combat like deathtouch or lifelink, or abilities that trigger on dealing combat damage.
Posted By: Etsap (7/3/2012 10:24:01 AM)


Extremely powerful effect in EDH. Just don't attack with your general, unless you really hate yourself.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (6/4/2012 4:02:10 PM)


@: DoragonShinzui
Ridiculously awesome!
Posted By: orisiti (11/14/2012 10:15:19 PM)


The heck is this about EDH? This is a Planechase card. Trying to combine those two would just be ridiculous guys.

As for the card itself, really blows diplomacy out of the water. Chaos isn't great, but oh well.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/10/2012 1:08:26 PM)



Eh, those tokens aren't attacking at all.

"Whenever Grave Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, put two 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield."

You may have been thinking of Hero of Bladehold in the 'anything else' category.
Posted By: DritzD27 (7/23/2012 4:56:55 PM)


No good... unless it's a multiplayer game
Posted By: Speednat (6/8/2012 11:22:45 AM)


What the fook is this?
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/13/2012 4:20:24 AM)


Sundial of the Infinite is perfect with this.
Posted By: Pollinosis (5/7/2013 7:47:41 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!