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Devils finally come of age.

Is this a new finisher for RDW?? The haste makes him top.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (1/27/2012 6:54:53 AM)


Hero of Oxid Raid Bombardment, I heart you.

I accept Wizards' apology.
Posted By: Hanksingle (1/30/2012 4:57:26 PM)



You might be thinking of D&D, another WOTC product. In that game devils are lawful, cunning beings and demons are spontaneous. MtG reverses this, having the devils be bringers of chaos and the demons being the ones who trick mortals to their doom.
Posted By: ShadesOfGray (3/3/2012 7:54:40 PM)


I like Raid Bombardment, and I like this even more with the 3/3 hasted body. The fact that it's riding a hellhound seals the deal.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (1/27/2012 6:00:35 AM)


Hellrider, slayer of planeswalkers.

No really, the turn he comes out you can take out a planeswalker. That's stopping power.
Posted By: MrFluffyThing (2/1/2012 6:42:15 AM)


My God! He's riding an Ashmouth Hound!
Posted By: Sangre-friodemio666 (2/9/2012 1:02:03 PM)


You are mistaken. Demons are the ones who are cunning and decieving. Devils are mindless pranksters, but their pranks "usually" (always) involve lots of pain and suffering for the recieving part.

Devil's Play is an example of a devil "prank" and reflects their personality nicely.

Pitchburn Devils flavor text actually explains a devils personality perfectly.
The ingenuity of goblins, the depravity of demons, and the smarts of sheep.
Posted By: Sleazebag (2/15/2012 12:58:23 PM)


If I did remake my Walk With Me in Hell (my mono-red aggro/burn/Hero of Oxid Ridge deck) for ISD standard, this guy would be at LEAST a 2 of, and probably I'd run Forge Devils. But I won't.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (2/15/2012 3:37:06 PM)


With all the cackling and flames, it shouldn't take a Tracker's Instincts to find him and his Ashmouth Hound!
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/28/2012 6:18:29 PM)


I'm shocked no one else has mentioned this but Victory's Herald and Hellrider. When you swing with even a handful of creatures Hellrider does Lifelink damage so you gain, he and everything else you swing with gain flying, and if even the angel and rider go through your talking about at least 7 Lifelink damage on top of Hellrider's effect! SO GOOD! I've got a Type II deck based around that combo. Back that up with Nightbird's Clutches, Rally the Peasants, and Niblis of the Urn and you have a pretty good chance of scaring the wits out of your opponent.
Posted By: alphagprime (3/2/2012 8:55:52 PM)


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