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This + Terror of Kruin Pass = good game.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (9/25/2011 8:18:13 AM)


Made a huge comeback in pre-release thanks to this, Kessig Cagebreakers and Bane of Hanweir swinging for ridiculous amounts of damage.

I'm wondering how strong red/green werewolf will be in Standard.
Posted By: CarlosLiberated (9/25/2011 4:47:48 PM)


I once played a duel that ended up in two Cryptoplasms copying this.

Posted By: Dragonmaster3.0 (10/7/2011 8:18:20 AM)


this is a powerful effect. You can see that. But the worst part is... you underestimate how powerful the effect is... think about that for a moment
Posted By: brunsbr103 (10/11/2011 9:21:26 PM)


what would happen if you cloned him and then cast 2 spell or if you made a token copy of him?
Posted By: werdwood93 (8/15/2013 5:51:59 AM)


That's one hell of a beating.

I can't say how good it is that it pumps itself.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/22/2011 4:23:11 PM)


Turns, into an 8/5 for 4CC? Plus you get a semi Overrun each turn he survives?

Why. The. Hell. Not.
Posted By: Drewsel (9/24/2011 1:19:55 PM)


Another one of my played pre-release cards. Not ONCE did I get to transform him. At least in one case, my opponent cast a spell just to prevent him from transforming into this beast.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/24/2011 10:31:06 AM)


my lease favorite Werewolf. don't even know why. There's nothing wrong with his ability. It's definitely the way the name and art on the 'front' set up the flavor. It's just...IDKN, the solo wolves come off as scarier to me than the packs. The whole 'Horror Trope' thing gets communicated more when it's a single person Transforming from Human to Beast rather than this, which looks more just like a World of Warcraft party going into 'combat mode'. They all get (much) bigger and the leader's got Trample. Fine. He's powerful, so I might end up using him, but not if I can make the ones I find scariest work. Kind of hope Dark Ascension has something I can use instead. These guys are just really tough punks in my books. But still punks. I would be satisfied with a mechanically similar card that had the right flavor. Getting jumped in the street isn't it.
Posted By: DarthParallax (10/14/2011 7:16:05 AM)


Posted By: Hanksingle (9/22/2011 7:49:08 PM)


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