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If only you could hack DOJ to say "lands" rather than "creatures."
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/7/2010 10:31:50 AM)


My multiplayer deck:

2x Armageddon
2x Ravages of War
2x Wrath of God
2x Final Judgment
2x Day of Judgment
2x All is Dust
2x Nevinyrral's Disk
2x Rout
2x Sunscour
2x Kirtar's Wrath
2x Martial Coup
2x Planar Cleansing
2x Catastrophe
2x Akroma's Vengeance
32x Plains

I also keep 4 Apocalypse Chimes in my sideboard, just in case someone's obsessed with Homelands.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (8/24/2011 7:25:41 PM)


This+Elspeth Tirel=Only a matter of time...
Posted By: cameron432 (4/19/2011 8:11:56 PM)


Are you regularly annoyed by those pesky blue mages playing their draw-go control decks and Counterspelling everything your aggro deck's got?

Play Armageddon. The blue player will have to use his mana and a counterspell to stop it, freeing you up to drop something big, or else all his lands are destroyed and you can just beat him to death with whatever you've already got. Mono-U has little hope of recovering from a land wipe; this is a counter-or-die spell for any blue mage.
Posted By: Werewolf- (10/11/2012 10:34:51 AM)


This REALLY needs a reprint. I love this thing.
Posted By: NARFNra (11/20/2010 6:41:24 PM)


(This includes your lands.)
Posted By: Juicebox360 (3/25/2012 10:41:41 PM)


Flipping kitchen tables everywhere. 4.5/5
Posted By: GlintKawk42 (2/20/2013 5:18:15 AM)


i want to blow up my lands i dont care about my opponet he can keep his
Posted By: Bantman543 (8/31/2011 3:00:55 AM)


Four of these suckers and four Ravages of War in a deck. Combine with Terravores and non-land mana producers. Nasty combo.
Posted By: Secksee (10/3/2011 6:47:57 AM)


I have a geddon deck, running 2 ajanis 3 armageddon, 3 dingus egg, Fastbond, Land Tax and 2x Reverse Polarity, 1x runed Halo, 1x spiritual asylum plus an echantment card engine. WHAT IS MORE CONTROL THAN LAND CONTROL!?!?!?!? Nothin, I guess...
Posted By: Psychrates (11/16/2011 1:23:07 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!