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Run with "enters the battlefield" creatures like Knight of the White Orchid.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/23/2009 10:04:11 PM)


Turn to Mist or Otherworldly Journey is strictly better. (Unless your opponent plays Gainsay or Hisoka's Defiance, lol)
Momentary Blink is not (this can be used to survive a Wrath), but is still often preferable though.

I would so have loved this spell for a single white mana, i'd instantly have played this over the other two.
Well, it still ain't that bad, at least for block constructed. As the name suggests, you can always use it as response to removal to save your creature. Gets of course even better if your creatures have cip/etb effects.
Posted By: Mode (8/7/2011 7:57:25 AM)


This is going to be fun/useful with Soulbond cards in Avacyn Restored.
Posted By: Chazwald1 (4/13/2012 9:26:36 AM)



This is the descendant of FLICKER
Posted By: Goatllama (9/7/2012 10:11:26 AM)


Precursor of Momentary Blink!
Posted By: Vektor480 (5/13/2009 6:53:24 PM)


What eventually led to such awesomeness as Turn to Mist and Momentary Blink.

Nice for saving your own creatures, but unless you have a deck built such that you know you're going to need to do that (e.g. running a lot of Wrath of Gods and so on) it's not worth putting in, where as something like Turn to Mist can be put in with a lot less thought to deck construction.

Yeah, not perfect, but it paved the way for better stuff. I'll still give it respect for that.
Posted By: yyukichigai (1/8/2012 8:11:54 PM)


Works well in multiplayer with Stuffy Doll + Guilty Conscience.
Posted By: surewhynot (5/31/2010 8:41:25 PM)


Allys thats all i have to say
Posted By: YokeOfTheDamned (1/18/2012 5:32:11 PM)


Why is this ranked higher than reality ripple...
Posted By: ThatStunna (1/11/2013 12:38:56 PM)



I believe phasing no longer triggers entering and exiting battlefield triggers. Therefore phasing works as a 1 turn enemy creature remover or a removal counter for your own creature, but this does both those AND wreaks havoc with cards like thragtusk.
Posted By: jonrds (1/9/2014 11:09:19 AM)


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