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@allmighty_abacus: "Yup, I'd really like to trade my sigil of the empty throne for your oblivion ring. Didn't really need my win condition anyhow... Or pay five mana to counter your pacifism."
Yeah, when you pick bad ideas, it makes the card sound bad. But how about I cast Oblivion Ring, put the ETB trigger on the stack to exile your Umezawa's Jitte, then sacrifice my O-ring to destroy your Sigil of the Empty Throne. And I'd pay 5 to counter your Debtors' Knell any day, espcially for no card.

Think about better things to do with cards and you won't think they're all bad.
Posted By: PeabodyET (11/20/2012 10:19:38 AM)


It has a simple and obvious reason, mrredhatter: That's because Halvor Arenson is not part of the story from Invasion block.
He apparently has a somewhat important role in Ice Age block, given that there are 15 cards in total that mention his name.

Yet i don't quite get why they didn't give this enchantment a buff by lowering casting or activation cost when given the opportunity to print a remake of it. Changing the power level of this card wouldn't have hurt, seriously.
Posted By: Mode (12/6/2009 3:17:37 AM)


Why yes I will sacrifice my Rancor to destroy your Asceticism.
Perhaps my Spirit Loop would be a fair exchange for your Debtor's Knell... but on second thought I'll destroy your stuff and keep my cards anyway.

The hard counter ability is kind of useless though...
And I suppose Enchanted Evening should get a nod on here too, as is the case for anything that allows you to repeatedly destroy enchantments.

Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (2/22/2011 4:51:41 PM)


Teferi must really hate enchantments.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (6/7/2012 7:54:25 PM)


As of this comment:
Teferi's Care is rated at 1.375/5.000
Arenson's Aura (Ice Age) is rated at 2.344/5.000
Arenson's Aura (Fifth Ed.) is rated at 2.278/5.000

That's ridiculous. Sure, there's different art and different flavor text, but...really?

Teferi's Care/Arenson's Aura isn't even a bad card. It's tech against enchantments, and it's breakable tech to boot! Brilliant Halo makes it read "1WhiteWhite: Destroy target enchantment." That seems pretty good to me, and Rancor makes it even cheaper. Add the much more recent Enchanted Evening, and Teferi's Care/Arenson's Aura let's you nuke any permanent.

Furthermore, the second ability is not to be dismissed too quickly. There are a lot of powerful enchantments out there, and any way of repeatedly countering... (see all)
Posted By: Ragamander (12/2/2011 10:20:05 PM)


And just what is wrong with Arenson's Aura's name that they need to reprint with a new one?
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/6/2009 9:16:41 PM)


Yup, I'd really like to trade my sigil of the empty throne for your oblivion ring. Didn't really need my win condition anyhow.

Or pay five mana to counter your pacifism.

Perhaps emulating a spell from the ice age block, well before the power creep existed, was not a wise move on Teferi's part.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (7/30/2010 8:03:21 AM)


This card feels very Pokemon TCG to me. (That means, the two parts feel kind of detached despite the similarity.)
Posted By: Gabriel422 (8/17/2011 9:25:26 PM)


Sideboard option, but you probably just want to sideboard Erase or something. It can sacrifice itself, and the hardcounter is far from useless. Great later on verse an enchantment deck. Repeatable counter is worth 3BlueBlue.

You could combo with rancor, and enchanted evening.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/24/2012 8:06:18 AM)


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