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Blanket of night doesn't care what colour your opponent is playing.
Posted By: Kirbster (4/25/2011 7:47:46 AM)


Flavor text should be Theoden's speech from Return of the King. The whole thing. I don't care what size font you have to use, I want that quote on a Magic card.

EDIT: would not run 4, though. just 1, to be a particularly bad-ass top deck when you need it and are lucky enough to get it, will make more magical moments than just playsetting White Knight, Mirran Crusader and this guy and making all your Black deck-using friends quit Magic.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/7/2011 1:44:39 AM)


A mirrored pair with Marauding Knight, representing the Dominarian side of the conflict against the Phyrexian invasion. With proper support this can be quite devastating as previously mentioned. This is something of a fixed Angry Mob.
Posted By: Equinox523 (2/22/2013 1:23:24 PM)


Fun with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.
Posted By: majinara (2/7/2009 6:30:35 AM)


Its like kicking a mono black player in the balls repeatedly.
Posted By: franconbean (2/16/2011 7:31:52 AM)


With Knight Exemplar, Painter Servant and Urborg, well.
Posted By: Luke_BPC (1/31/2011 9:42:10 PM)


This card reads: "Rape target black deck."
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (11/10/2010 12:22:30 PM)


nice art, of course only usefull against mono black.

still prefer the White Knight
Posted By: Tobolococo (2/9/2010 11:47:06 AM)


I love hosing the badguys and therefore I love this card. One of my definite favorites. The only problem is that black decks are so good at discarding it from my hand before I play it.
Posted By: KnightOfSerra (4/1/2011 11:29:40 AM)


FINALLY a great card for Nightcreep
Posted By: skorpionrazor (4/14/2012 6:23:57 AM)