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Should be rated higher. It's Gideon's Lawkeeper, only better.
Posted By: wstonefi (8/28/2011 10:13:10 AM)


It's not bad. Early on, you can just attack a few times while opponents might not have 1-mana creatures in their decks. Later on, you either tap down their largest creature, or keep pinging them (which even cant be prevented). Though to really shine, it should be part of some wizard tribal deck.
Posted By: majinara (12/25/2010 6:38:00 AM)


I have a apprentice and masters Wizard deck, and this card actually rules. It allows to control all opponent aggro killer cards and cards whose habilities require them to tap, and because of the cost, it starts fending off foes right from the second turn. For defense pourposes this card is great!
Posted By: RashdeValinor (7/31/2010 12:39:54 AM)


This dude is awesome creature control for my Wizard aggro-control deck.
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (11/27/2010 3:35:54 PM)


This is the most perfect combination of colors for decks around tapping abilities, because of Merieke Ri Berit, Royal Assassin, Mangara Of Corondor and blue tapping / untapping effects! :) And this creature itself has two nice abilities that are relevant late in the game, because locking down annoying creatures and having opponents lose the last points of life without them being able to block or prevent the damage is something that's always nice..
Posted By: cats_and_me (12/4/2010 4:40:09 AM)


I used my crappy ally deck against somebody running this dude. We both got manascrewed, and this thing did 13 damage to me. I still won. Best of the cycle, by far.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/14/2010 8:44:25 PM)


This is a really good control card. Stormscape Master is not as good as this it is a one drop blue and if you have the mana base you stop your opponents cold with the option to damage while keeping a head of the mana curve a great stall card that should never have been made a common. The tricky part is the mana base but once you've got that this thing is awesome. A great first turn drop that does not lose it's functionality as the game goes on deserves so much more then common. It's a better version then Goldmeadow Harrier with additonal ping action.
Posted By: wowsers (3/16/2012 7:03:28 PM)


It's like Blinding Mage, and that makes it good.
Posted By: NinjaJeff (5/29/2010 9:40:28 PM)


For one mana you could do worse I guess. The abilities seem alright. Whenever I see a card without any comments I wonder if anyone ever really found any use for them or if they were just overlooked for better cards.
Posted By: Neutral_Bob (5/5/2010 9:48:53 PM)


Has also randomly seen vintage play., as an Aether Vial-able wizard to boost Voidmage Prodigy while shutting down Blightsteel Collosus.

Vintage is... weird.
Posted By: Taudisban (10/14/2013 5:30:01 PM)