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Great with landwalkers, landhomers, and Domain.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/4/2010 4:08:26 AM)


Strictly better than Sea Eagle though.
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/6/2010 7:07:43 PM)


I used to have a blue/red control deck with a little land destruction, a couple illusory terrains, some dazes and mana leaks, and of course, 4 dream thrushes. It worked really well in casuals.
Posted By: Wulfsten (7/3/2011 11:36:56 PM)


This guy's pretty good, but I prefer Reef Shaman.
Posted By: wstonefi (8/10/2011 11:05:58 AM)


it can drive oponents mad if you play this ability during their upkeep
Posted By: Lueseto (8/23/2011 3:09:35 PM)


This is a great little card for several reasons:

1. It's a flying blocker. I always welcome flying blockers. You don't want to block with this one because of its ability, but if you have to, you can still activate it before it dies.

2. You can screw up your opponent's lands. Make their land a color they aren't playing, or turn a Lotus Vale into a basic land. Used correctly, it can really slow an opponent down.

3. Continuing the theme of screwing up your opponent's lands, if you have a landwalker in your deck that can't hit your opponent, you can use Dream Thrush to make that possible.

4. If you have cards with Domain, you can use Dream Thrush to alter the numbers in your favor.

5. If you're playing multicolor, this can give you some much-needed flexibility early on. I put this in my five-color deck, because I know early in the game I won't have all colors yet. So if I'm stuck with an island and a swamp and I need to play Fog or Counterspell, having just one of these out makes eith... (see all)
Posted By: Ominick (1/28/2013 11:59:40 AM)


Nice Maze of Ith, Bro. Oh wait, it's a Swamp, isn't it? lol
Posted By: Earthdawn (5/24/2013 9:58:46 AM)


Isn't that card an amazing card? Turn opponent's City of Brass, Lotus Vale, Reflecting Pool.. into a simple swamp.. or turn any land you own to a color you need, isn't that enought to make this card five stars? Maybe I didn't understand the rules very well. Anyway, really nice Art.
Posted By: Anderlfs (8/6/2010 12:54:22 PM)


There are better ways of mana fixing, even in blue. There are also better ways of messing up your opponent's lands, especially in blue (Boomerang, Capsize). What this is good for, and does quite well, is enable domain and landwalk.
Posted By: Ideatog (6/18/2011 5:58:16 AM)


Oh yeah because last time I checked , storm crow enables your islandwalkers/ islandhomebres to attack unimpeded?
and its an awesome artwork for a bird, BoPs' cousin.
Posted By: KMcombine (5/19/2010 9:59:34 PM)


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