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I've got an islandhome deck. Works pretty well too. But it's also an islandwalk merfolk deck, so it's not all serpents. In fact I think there are only three. This is meant for Seasinger.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/29/2010 2:23:35 AM)


We now have Convincing Mirage, which is {1}{U} instead of {U}{U}.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (5/12/2010 5:35:34 PM)


A really nice card in a landwalk or landhome deck. Especially nice with unseen walker.

I've had these in mana destruction decks, that can be kind of fun. Red to destroy lands, then psychic venom and phantasmal terrain to totally muck up your opponent's situation.

Also useable as a mana-fix card if you're in trouble, but too expensive to be put in a deck with that intended purpose.
Posted By: Promatim (5/23/2009 11:18:23 PM)


the only problem is, "islandhome decks", given that you even consider this term a deck type, are still useless and by far worse than white weenie for example.
also, i prefer the cantrip version of this card, which still only requires {{2U}}.
Posted By: Mode (7/31/2009 1:22:14 PM)


Should draw a card or do something...
Posted By: majinara (10/25/2009 3:38:38 AM)


yes, there are cheaper ways to get your merfolk islandwalking, but if blue is already a big part of your opponents' game, their precious islands now create colorless mana, and you can walk all over the remaining ones
Posted By: thevegetable (9/10/2013 2:59:55 PM)