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Congratulations! Your Storm Crow has evolved into a Mindshrieker!
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (11/15/2011 1:30:12 PM)


"Oh whoops! I accidentally dropped Emrakul off the top of my deck. Clumsy me."
Posted By: LordRandomness (11/21/2011 3:33:13 PM)


It's going to eat people in limited and hold swords like a boss in constructed.
Posted By: auriscope (9/23/2011 4:56:35 PM)


Works well with Ponder, and is a great early drop for both attacking and blocking.
Posted By: Tempted_Johnny (9/22/2011 8:37:14 PM)


Bizarre firebreathing on a cheap, awesome, milling beast.
I think Xenograft(zombie) and Undead Alchemist would like a word with you.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (11/4/2011 3:52:46 PM)


In my opinion, this is one of Innistrad's coolest cards.
@Ponzy13: Training Grounds can't make an ability cost less than 1. Still, making Mindshrieker's ability cost only 1 makes it even more horrifically dangerous. In casual, it can win the game on turn 3 if you're lucky (by milling three 6- or 7-mana cards).
@NoobOfLore: Xenograft doesn't work that way. A Donated Conspiracy would, though.

I'm thinking Lantern of Insight: simple, low-cost, and effective. Training Grounds and Heartstone, of course, are great complements as well.

Assault Strobe might also be terrifyingly effective, especially if you Brainstorm/Ponder/Preordain/Sensei's Divining Top/Vampiric Tutor an Eldrazi or... (see all)
Posted By: Ragamander (11/14/2011 5:26:24 PM)



might as well stick the new flail on him too
Posted By: DragonicSphinx (9/24/2011 12:22:25 AM)


@JaFaR_Ironclad NEVEMORE B@#$%ES.
Posted By: Villainous1 (11/3/2011 12:45:10 PM)


So I decided to go with this with some Crafty Pathmages, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Sylvan Library, Worldly Tutor, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.
Posted By: Blazer_Dawg (12/5/2011 5:07:12 AM)


surprisingly effective against solarflare decks.
yeah, you are dropping their jin gitaxis in their graveyard for them, but they were going to do it anyway, and you just dealt them 11 damage from it.
Posted By: hello4am (12/7/2011 8:20:42 PM)