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Well, he's a blind guy who can wrestle a bear and win!
Posted By: Luke_BPC (9/12/2010 2:05:10 PM)


@RPJesus: Even if he didn't he would still stomp face.

@EvilCheesecake: Technically no, 'cause he was dead when that BS happened so he didn't live to see the useless "Planeswalkers".
Posted By: JanusAurelius (10/13/2010 8:32:15 PM)


Draugnor: There are legends that make this card look like a Black Lotus. Like almost every legend from that set...what was it... oh yeah, Legends!
Posted By: themicronaut (4/30/2010 12:10:40 AM)


Most epic EDH general ever?
Posted By: chinkeeyong (6/14/2011 8:04:00 AM)


Hold the phone. Legend?
Wow, that's rather interesting. Nameless legend...
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/10/2012 7:45:01 AM)


I like how they managed to print an Urza card by having him be undercover; a proper Urza card would be more overpowered than his entire block together, after all. Also, don't forget his ability is a lot more useful than it seems in Invasion block.
Posted By: kazenpaus (10/10/2012 6:57:16 AM)


Seer + Northern Paladin = destroy anything on the table for 4 mana.

Seer + Lifeforce = Counter any spell for 4 mana, repeatedly. (with Heartstone, 3 mana).

How is that not useful?
Posted By: jlowther (4/1/2010 10:45:29 PM)


There is no synergy with Iona, the spells would have already been cast when he changes the coulour. Try UU less, and use Painter's Servant.
Posted By: klaff (6/7/2010 5:10:44 PM)


Made an EDH deck with this guy for sheer flavor value of having old man Urza as the commander. I think it'd be great fun to have EDH decks constructed after characters from the game. And heck, if Wizards announced the next round of Commander product as having old characters given new legendary cards? Cake.
Posted By: Nucleon (12/14/2012 12:39:47 PM)


@Lord_Ascapelion, By that logic, Karn is Venser, not Urza. Karn used Urza's spark to seal a time rift, and was later given Venser's spark, killing Venser in the process.
Posted By: Megadog (11/10/2013 5:11:49 PM)