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Note that this is the cheapest creature in the game that can be played entirely with colorless mana that can OHKO Jace, the Mind Sculptor the turn it enters the battlefield. Why is this significant?

Someone won a tournament
With four of these
in vintage.
Posted By: armogohma (8/10/2011 1:01:06 PM)


Any card that sees regular tournament play in the most powerful and degenerate format, should NEVER be rated any less than 4/5 stars.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (2/12/2012 11:54:11 AM)


Limited: Filler.
Standard: Unplayable.
Extended: Unplayable.
Modern: Unpayable.
Legacy: Unplayable.
Commander: Unplayable.
Vintage: Staple.

Makes sense to me!
Posted By: DeviousPie (11/16/2012 2:35:43 AM)


Strictly cooler than Axl Rose Panther.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/18/2011 10:30:58 PM)


Art is so good. the flavor is nice tooo
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/29/2011 1:32:42 PM)


Whoa... This is the compleated Arcbound.

New Phyrexia is flavorful.
Posted By: Salient (8/29/2011 8:24:56 PM)


This is an absalute house in limited. 4 mana and 2 life for 4 dmg to opponent? On turn 4 the opponent won't have anything with toughness greater than 4.
Posted By: EpitomeOfEvilness (5/8/2011 5:21:07 PM)


No, the card doesn't cost too much. If your opponent has no blockers and nothing to say about it, that's 9 damage to the face in combo with Rage Extractor. I swear, that card makes speed-burn easy.
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2011 2:43:03 PM)


He sees Vintage play along side ridiculous decks.

Yet never sees Standard contructed play.
Posted By: pigknight (8/10/2011 7:32:43 PM)


Slash Panther proves that if you train really hard and believe in yourself, you too can become a Vintage mainboard card. We need more heroes like him in this world today.
Posted By: Fireballmage (5/4/2012 12:17:45 AM)


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