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Handles Geist of Saint Traft quite nicely. Swipe the angel he makes and block him with it.
Posted By: GracefulInferno (5/25/2012 9:14:23 AM)


The beauty is in the flexibility. I'm so pleased to see this at instant speed for between 3 and 5 mana. My green/red control deck had to make due with Word of Seizing and Act of Treason. The horrible things you do to your opponent with this and Helm of Possession are well worth the 2 or 4 life if you don't quite have the red mana to run both.

Posted By: kiseki (5/2/2011 7:43:13 PM)


Colorless Threaten. Gives non-red Aggro Decks a valuable option for the final swing.
E.G. White Weenie Decks could steal a Titan and alpha strike for the win quite often.
Posted By: Vividice (4/29/2011 8:02:09 AM)


I like the instant speed of this card. This could be a very good defensive card against a deck running Phyrexian Obliterators, especially if it looks totally hopeless and you're being attacked by a pair of them.

Never fear - use this card, grab one of the obliterators, block their obliterator with your stolen one, and it looks like the board will be squeaky clean. Now, it's (essentially) starting the game all over again...only now, the opponent's deck has two less obliterators. Granted, your deck will be missing things as well, but it's a small price to pay to slay two obliterators.
Posted By: friendtoall17 (5/1/2011 9:17:59 AM)


At first I didn't notice the instant speed on this, and was a bit underwhelmed. The alternate casting cost is cool, but without instant, this card wouldn't shine as well as it does. 4/5
Posted By: themlsna (5/5/2011 4:50:13 PM)


Won quite a few games at the prerelease with my Green-Black-Blue deck. Steal an attacker, use it to block.
Posted By: EpitomeOfEvilness (7/11/2011 8:28:22 AM)


Urabrask looks like he's just sort of chilling in the background there.

"Yo dawg, I heard you like creatures, so we took one of theirs so you can attack with their creature while you attack with their creature!" - Urabrask the Hidden
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/6/2011 11:55:23 PM)


Why is this card rated so low? It's a hard counter for the Deceiver Exarch, and Splinter Twin combo. If you cast Act of Aggression in response to them casting Splinter Twin on Deceiver Exarch, you take it before they are able to use it. Generate a token, and wait for the ability that exiles the token to go on the stack. Respond to that ability by generating a million tokens and they will stay on the battlefield until the end of the NEXT end step, which will be your turn. Keep the original tapped when it goes back to your opponent and on your turn, swing in with tokens generated by his exarch.
Posted By: reddaemon (7/31/2011 3:55:23 PM)


This is not creature steal, this is creature kill.
Posted By: Flyheight (5/26/2011 5:17:37 PM)


3 mana and 4 life to 2-for-1 opponent. Might be playable , since it's colourless.
Posted By: healingbolt (4/28/2011 4:41:39 PM)


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